Looking Back

Welcome in February! After an interesting first month of the New Year, we are looking forward to a couple of smaller trips and a longer trip to Vietnam in February! For now, we hope that you enjoyed our last week’s content and new impressions!

Hilton Belfast Executive Room

We started the week with new impressions of Hilton Belfast!

Hilton Dresden Executive Room

Followed by yet another Hilton. Our review of Hilton Dresden!

Belfast City Hall

Further impressions from Belfast. Definitely an interesting city!

Executive Lounge Dublin T1

Travelling back from Dublin, I had a brief look at the Executive Lounge!

Sprint Air Saab 340

An interesting airline you might not know. Our review of Sprint Air!

Delhi Airport

This week, we also had an airport guide for you. All about Delhi Airport!


Anna is presenting Bristol in our newest city review!


Beautiful nature! Here’s our newest photo of the week!


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