City Guide: Invercargill

Invercargill is the Southernmost and Westernmost city of New Zealand, but is rarely known as a touristic hub. That might be because it is located in a rather remote spot.

Unless you’re travelling along the Southern Scenic Route, you’ll most likely not stumble across this city. However, you won’t be missing out on much as the city is not very exciting anyways!

Invercargill Statue

Invercargill clock statue

Invercargill hadn’t really been on our list of places to see in New Zealand. Rather we had to make short term rearrangements due to an unplanned incident.

Invercargill Town Hall

Invercagill’s town hall is a combined building which also integrates the civic theatre. It was originally opened in 1906. In 2005 it was completely renovated.

Invercargill Water Tower and Park

Interestingly the water tower was build during the late 19th-century as a result of the ongoing fires in New Zealand. Because there were difficulties with the supply of pressurised water, the Council decided to build a water tower. To disguise the steel tank, it was surrounded by a brick tower made of 300,000 bricks.


Invercargill Churches

Our overall impressions of Invercargill

My memories of Invercargill aren’t very fond as the city was rather boring apart from a few nice buildings. Thus I wouldn’t really recommend visiting the city unless you’re already around the area. The small city centre looks quite nice and could be a nice spot for a break on your trip along the Southern Scenic Route, but other than that there’s not really any reason to come here.

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