Airline Review: Qatar Airways (long haul Economy Class)

The Qatar Airways long haul Economy Class was on my list for a review for a long time. On my way from Doha to Kuala Lumpur, I finally had the chance to write a new review. In this installment, I’ll try to give you an idea on how flying the Qatar Airways Economy Class is like.

I’ve already reviewed the Etihad Airways long haul Economy Class and sure enough also dozens other economy, business and first class products. That said, I was keen on giving Qatar Airways and Emirates a try to get reviews online for you, so you’ll see how flying with these popular airlines is like.

  • Airplane: Boeing 777-300ER (the cover image shows an Airbus A350)
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Night
  • Food: Dinner / Snack
  • Seat Pitch: 32 Inch (84 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 17 Inch (43 Centimeter)

I’m starting with Qatar Airways today, but will also follow up shortly with Emirates. This way, you’ll be able to compare Etihad, Emirates and Qatar before booking your next journey. Let’s get started with the review. I flew from Doha to Bangkok on an approximately eight hour long flight over night.

Seating in the Qatar Airways long haul Economy Class

My flight in the Qatar Airways Economy Class was operated by a Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Boeing 777 Seating

Economy Class in the Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER

These planes come with a 3-4-3 configuration and offer a decent seat pitch of 32 Inch. That’s a little above industry average and makes seating quite comfortable.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Boeing 777 Seating

The seat pitch allows comfortable seating

The cabin had quite a modern look and was exceptionally clean. The seats are one of the most modern in the industry and come with a sleek grey design with Burgundy finishes.

While the seats look rather slim, they are quite comfortable in both positions. There is not too much of a recline, but you can at least get a little more comfortable for sleeping.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Boeing 777 Seating

The headrest is very flexible

Something I really liked about the seats in the Qatar Airways long haul Economy Class were the little touches including the double adjustable headrest (height and shape) and the perfectly located headphone jack and USB port. There are also two plugs for three seats.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Boeing 777 Lavatories

The lavatories are small, but well maintained

I also found the adjustable table as well as the large storage department of the seat in the Qatar Airways Economy Class to be practical.

Catering in the Qatar Airways long haul Economy Class

Catering-wise I’ve never been disappointed by carriers from the Arabian peninsula. This flight in the Qatar Airways Economy Class was no exception. For dinner, there was even a choice of three different mains.

After having an ‘Orzo Pasta Salad’ as a starter, I went for the ‘Braised Beef with Hot and Sour Sauce’ before finishing my meal with a ‘Strawberry Summer Cake’.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Boeing 777 Dinner

Dinner in the Qatar Airways Economy Class

Sounds like Business Class to you? Well, as you’d expect everything in the Qatar Airways long haul Economy Class was served on one tray and didn’t look exactly appetizing.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Boeing 777 Dinner

The food is quite good for Economy Class

Yet, from the metal cutlery to the quality of the food, I was positively surprised by the offerings. The beef was decent and so were the sides. The Pasta Salad was okay, while the dessert tasted a little too synthetic to me.

I was also offered a bread roll alongside my choice of drinks (including spirits and wine). Before landing, there was another meal, which I’d classify as a snack.

The menu described it as a ‘Savoury Pastry and Sweet Cake’. I’d sum it up as edible, but nothing to write home about.

Entertainment in the Qatar Airways Economy Class

Regardless of the length of your flight, you can expect a decent entertainment system when flying Qatar Airways. The Oryx Entertainment Box comes with plenty of options ranging from movies to shows to music to games to documentaries.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Boeing 777 Entertainment

The entertainment system offers a wide range of options

There’s also quite a lot of new stuff, so you can catch up on everything you missed in the cinema. It’s worth noting that most movies and shows are available in several languages, which definitely is a plus.

In my Boeing 777-300ER the screen was also quite new, had a good resolution and was easy to use. At the same time, I was rather annoyed that there were the same three ads before any choice I made in the entertainment system in the Qatar Airways long haul Economy Class.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Boeing 777 Entertainment

Magazines in the seat pocket

Upon boarding, you’ll also find headphones at your seat. These are okay for Economy, but I’d highly recommend to bring your own nevertheless.

Amenities in the Qatar Airways long haul Economy Class

On this flight in the Qatar Airways Economy Class I was offered a couple of amenities. These included a decent blanket and a rather thin pillow.

Further waiting at my seat were headphones (see above) and a small amenity kit. This one came with socks, a sleeping mask, a toothbrush with paste as well as oropax. Definitely not bad for Economy Class.

Bottom line Qatar Airways long haul Economy Class

While I love flying Business Class, it’s worth noting that the Qatar Airways long haul Economy Class is a good way to get from A to B. The seats are fairly comfortable, the seat pitch is decent, the food is quite good for economy and the entertainment system comes with a great choice. There are some minor points I didn’t like, but that aside I’d highly recommend flying in Economy Class with Qatar Airways. That’s also true as connecting at Doha Airport is very easy.

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11 Comments on “Airline Review: Qatar Airways (long haul Economy Class)”

    • Scammers airline…
      Had a flight with Qatar Airways Yerevan-Doha-Singapore with onwards flight Singapore-Manilla in 2 days with CEBU Pacifi. In Singapore for citizens of Ukraine as well as many other countries if you provide onward flights confirmation and hotels booking, you don`t need a visa – so I brought to registration stage hotels booking in Singapore and onward flights confirmation but totally unprofessional employee refused to allow me onboard saying that he sees in his system that there is no 96-hours transit and I must have visa…Later showed on QATAR AIRWAYS WEBSITE confirmation that I don`t need a visa and contacted their customer support regarding their failure asking at least to compensate tickets and hotels that I`ve lost because of their dumb employee – received info that they are sorry but can compensate only my flights to Singapore with them…
      So basically with this nonsense of a company no passenger is protected – you may always find a stupid employee who will simply kick you out from the flight and then company says “we are sorry and that`s it”.

      Going to court is at least 6 months procedure so I can not characterize their actions anyway than scam…As a result I don`t know how to get at least my own expenses from them, not even taking into consideration that I had to book another, much more expensive flight, in urgency with Emirates, that apparently have much more professional employees, and had to cancel some of my meetings in Singapore or move them…

      Video – confirmation of acting of their employee (where he confirms that I have shown him tickets and bookings and valid passport but he won` allow me on this flight) are here – in russian as it was in Armenia.

      Here is confirmation that I don`t need visa to Singapore

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  5. This app more an advertisement than a review. Hope you got a free flight out of it. You worked really hard not to find any flaws.

    • Hey Geroge, Thank you for your feedback. As all reviews on traveluxblog, we were neither asked for positive feedback nor did anyone pay for the review. I’m solely sharing my own impressions here. At the same time, I’m not sure where do you see my review as overly positive? Yes, the Qatar Airways Economy is among the better products out there, but I found quite a few flaws (including the lack of recline, the not so great looking food, the synthetic tasting dessert, the annoying ads in the entertainment system and so on). All these points are rather minor, but I still mentioned it. Thus, I can’t really get how you find me review biased or something.

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  8. Their Economy class although I have yet to try it is amazing.I was for a trip to Europe this year was looking at Singapore Airlines/Lufthansa combinations but this might just sway me towards Qatar.The schedules ex Adelaide Australia to Doha on the way to Budapest in my case allow me to fit in a full day of work then get the bus home,have a shower and change my outfit and my shoes before a private car comes(I book that myself via an operator known as smart car) and picks me up to get me to the airport with plenty of time to check in and what have you before the trip.Coming home is just as impressive AS THERE IS no lengthy like what I was getting with the opposition and home in the afternoon of the following day via Doha EVEN WITH THE TIME DIFFERENCES are making the option easy as this is a once in a lifetime trip for me to compensate for a very unsatisfactory cruise I had last year I decided to say Stuff new Zealand 2018 I am off to trip over will be using the a350/a320 but coming home both sectors are a350.Maybe with luck my plane onto Budapest due to it being the week before Christmas gets upgraded to THE 787 one can only hope.

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