Hotel Review: Hilton Adelaide

For my stay in Adelaide, I chose to spend two nights at Hilton Adelaide. The property is located in the immediate city center and usually offers very competitive rates. In this review, I’ll give you an idea of whether it’s worth staying at Hilton Adelaide!

Staying at Hilton Adelaide was an obvious choice for my time in Adelaide. I needed a couple of night to renew my Diamond Status and also found a very competitive rate in the 150 AUD range.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Executive Room
  • Month of Stay: September

With the Hilton being well located in the city center, it was also a good option for some sightseeing.

Hilton Adelaide Exterior

Hilton Adelaide isn’t exactly a beautiful hotel from the outside

While I also spent one night at InterContinental Adelaide (review to follow), I decided to stay two nights at the Hilton.

Executive Room at Hilton Adelaide

After a quick check-in, I found myself in an upgraded Executive Room. While the rooms per se are not different to the standard categories, the Executive ones are located on the top floors.

Hilton Adelaide Executive Room

The Executive Rooms are fairly spacious, but a little dark

While the building is not extremly high, the view is still quite nice. The room as such was absolutely fine, but also not amazing in any regard. The centerpiece of the room is the comfortable King Bed with two nightstands.

In the corner of the room, there’s a comfortable arm chair next to a wardrobe, where you can also find the kettle and the minibar. Something I really liked about the Executive Room at Hilton Adelaide is the big working desk with one proper office chair and an additional chair.

Hilton Adelaide View

The view of the city is quite nice

The decor of the room was okay, but didn’t amaze me at the same time. While the view was quite good, I found the room to be a little dark.

Bathroom of the Executive Room

The Executive Room at Hilton Adelaide comes with a medium sized bathroom.

Hilton Adelaide Executive Room

Bathroom of the Executive Room

It’s definitely superior to some other Hilton bathrooms I’ve seen in the last months as there is a detached shower. Other than that, there’s a bathtub, a toilet and a sink with few storage space.

The shower had a decent pressure, but wasn’t as nice as a proper walk-in shower. As you’d expect, the Hilton in Adelaide also offers the typical Peter Thomas Roth amenities.

Executive Lounge at Hilton Adelaide

As it’s the norm for Hilton properties, there’s an Executive Lounge, which you might access with Hilton Diamond and Gold (in case you get upgraded to an Executive Room) status or by booking an Executive Room or a Suite.

The lounge at Hilton Adelaide somewhat reminded me of US properties. The lounge is okay to hang out, but somewhat looks atmosphere. While the view is quite, the lounge has the same problem as the rooms as it’s just a little too dark.

The food spread during the day is pretty much non-existing and the offerings in the morning, afternoon and evening are nothing to write home about.


In the afternoon, there are a few pastries left over from breakfast and in the evening there’s a small cold buffet with decent quality items like cold cuts, cheeses or salmon.

There is also a hot option, which is also more of a snack. Generally, the food at Hilton Adelaide definitely doesn’t substitute a proper dinner.

Breakfast at Hilton Adelaide

Breakfast is offered in the restaurant and the lounge of Hilton Adelaide. As I’ve already mentioned, the choice in the lounge is not exactly great. Thus, I decided to head down to the restaurant.

Hilton Adelaide Breakfast

Breakfast in the restaurant is quite good

While rather modern furnished, you won’t be surprised that I’ve got the same point of criticism again: The restaurant lacks daylight.

However, the food spread is quite good with a decent choice of pastries, breads, rolls, fruits, yoghurts, pastries, cheeses and much more. There are also some hot options like waffles or pancakes. In addition, you may order egg dishes prepared to your liking.

Hilton Adelaide Breakfast

Eggs are freshly prepared to your liking

Something I hated at all Hilton properties in Australia is the fact that coffee specialties (e.g. Cappuccino) come with an extra charge. Truly odd and something I’ve never experienced anywhere else.

Pool & Gym at Hilton Adelaide

Hilton Adelaide also offers a pool, a gym and even a sauna area. While this sounds quite good in theory, I wasn’t exactly amazed. The whole area lacked charm and thus wasn’t especially inviting.

Hilton Adelaide Pool

Pool at Hilton Adelaide

While the pool is nice for swimming and has a decent size, there’s no really nice area for lounging. It’s also worth noting that the pool is not heated and thus hardly usable in winter. The gym is bright (imagine that!) and comes with modern machines, yet it’s a little too small for a city hotel of this size.

There are a few cardio and strength machines and basic free weights. The sauna area was neither advertised nor was the sauna warm when I check it out.


Hilton Adelaide Sauna

Sauna Area at Hilton Adelaide

Thus, I can change comment on the sauna area, which is dark and also lacks atmosphere.

Bottom line Hilton Adelaide

I can’t really find anything negative about my stay at Hilton Adelaide. The property is totally fine for what it is. The rooms are fairly nice and come with decent interior, but are a little too dark for my taste. The bathrooms come with a detached toilet, but are rather average besides that. The Executive Lounge is an okay place to hang out, but comes with sub-par food offerings. The breakfast is quite good, but the extra charge for coffee specialties is odd. The pool and gym are okay. All in all, Hilton Adelaide is a perfectly fine hotel for a city stay in case you are looking for good value for the money!

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