Running in Birmingham

Running in Birmingham was quite enjoyable as the weather was brilliant. The city as such is also quite nice for running. With this guide, you can follow my sightseeing run through the city!

Anna has already released a city review of Birmingham. So if you want to get some more information about the spots I’ll mention here, be sure to also check out this post!

  • Distance: 4.5 kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 85 meters
  • Calories burned: 250-300
  • Month: October
  • Weather: Sunny

Even though the weather was quite good, I didn’t have too much time for my run. Thus, this is one of the rather short running guides. Nevertheless, I think you’ll enjoy it as there are quite a few nice pictures in here!

Brindleyplace and the Birmingham Canal

As we stayed at Hilton Garden Inn Birmingham, I started my run in the Brindleyplace area.

Running in Birmingham

Brindleyplace is quite a nice area

The Brindleyplace as such is quite a nice building and the area with lots of restaurants and bars is also recommendable. In the morning, it was rather abandoned. Thus, I was able to take a couple of nice pictures.

Just a few steps later I found myself at the Birmingham Canal, which is quite nice for running. If you are looking for a longer run, I’d recommend just following the canal a little further!

Chinese Quarter and Bullring

After following the canal till the commercial area, I decided to run in the direction of the Chinese Quarter.

Running in Birmingham

The Chinese Quarter is very quiet on Sunday mornings

This is quite a funny part of Birmingham, which is also well connected to the Bullring. The latter is a large shopping center, which has quite an interesting exterior. In the morning hours of this Sunday, there was also a large market taking place.

In the middle of the market, I was able to spot the St. Philip’s Cathedral, which looks a little deplaced in the middle of the shopping area.

City Center and Centenary Square

From the shopping area I ran into the city center. While this might not be a good idea during the day, I really like running through the immediate center in the morning.

Running in Birmingham

The streets were very empty even in the city center

When it comes to running in Birmingham, the streets were empty and thus guaranteed a nice running experience. The city center of Birmingham has a lot of buildings worth seeing, so it’s a great area to go running if you want to combine it with sightseeing.

Personally, I can’t wait till the redevelopment of Birmingham is completed as the inner city will be even nicer then. Last but not least, I also crossed Centenary Square, where you can find the stylish looking Birmingham Libarary and the Symphony Hall among other buildings.

Summing up my run through Birmingham

Running in Birmingham was a truly enjoyable experience. The city is very nicely walkable and has many car-free areas. The city center is just one of those as you can also run by the canal without having to deal with cars.

As you can also see in our city review, there are several very nice looking buildings in Birmingham, which guarantee for a scenic run. Yet, there are not many parks, which might be a little letdown when it comes to running.


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  1. The canals are great for running along in Birmingham and you can go quite a long way e.g. Towards the university from the city centre. There are lots of places where you can easily get onto the tow path too. Nice photos!

    • Thanks for the comment! Next time I’ll definitely run a little further along the canals. Those are just great for enjoying the city without muhc traffic 🙂

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