Hotel Review: Harbour Rocks Hotel Sydney

Harbour Rocks Hotel Sydney is an individual hotel in the ‘old town’ of Sydney. Located in the Harbour Rocks, the hotel is great for sightseeing purposes. Yet, I wasn’t completly happy about my stay at the MGallery by Sofitel property.

Staying dozens of different hotels a year, I’m also happy to stay individual properties. Thus, I’m a big fan of MGallery hotels. My choice for the Harbour Rocks Hotel Sydney was quite obvious though.

  • Classification: Four Stars
  • Room Category: One Bedroom Suite
  • Month of Stay: September

The MGallery by Sofitel hotel is one of several Accorhotels options in the city, but is not only the most individual, but also comes with an interesting location in the Harbour Rocks. This is an area where you can find several nice restaurants and bars.

Harbour Rocks Hotel Sydney Entrance

The entrance of Harbour Rocks Hotel Sydney is quite unique

Plus, the Circular Quay and the older parts of Sydney are just a stonethrow away. The property also looks stunning from the inside and has a very stylish lobby. Thus, my first impression of the Harbour Rocks Hotel was quite good.

Heritage Deluxe Room at Harbour Rocks Hotel Sydney

After a quick and friendly check-in (in German as soon as the employee saw my passport), I found myself in a Heritage Deluxe Room (double upgrade as an Accorhotels Gold member).

Harbour Rocks Hotel Sydney Heritage Deluxe Room

Heritage Deluxe Room at Harbour Rocks Hotel Sydney

This one was located just one level above reception, but there was no noise or anything. The room as such looked a little dark upon entering (I checked in in the evening), but was way brighter the next day.

Besides that, I found the décor to be individual, but quite nice. While rather small, the bed was comfortable. The working desk was decent for working, but lacks a proper office chair.

Harbour Rocks Hotel Sydney Heritage Deluxe Room View

View of the streets

The couch with an armchair and a coffee table is another nice touch. Another nice gesture was the plate with freshly cut fruits, which awaited me in my room.

I’d say the Heritage Deluxe Room at Harbour Rocks Hotel Sydney is absolutely fine.

Bathroom of the Heritage Deluxe Room

With my good impressions of the room, I was rather disappointed by the bathroom. Even though I’m used to small bathrooms in individual hotels, the one at Harbour Rocks Hotel Sydney was especially tiny. It also didn’t really feel luxurious with a basic toilet, a sink with few storage space and an average shower. While totally okay for a day or two, I’d be rather annoyed by the bathroom after just a few days. The ‘Apples’ toiletries were quite good though.

Breakfast at Harbour Rocks Hotel Sydney

Speaking of something I wasn’t really happy about, breakfast immediately comes into my mind. Again, I’m a fan of individual hotels and love when the breakfast is not a big buffet in an unpersonal large hall.

Harbour Rocks Hotel Sydney Breakfast

Breakfast Buffet at Harbour Rocks Hotel Sydney

While in theory, the Harbour Rocks Hotel Sydney offers just that, it’s not really well executed. Let me tell you why: There are two small rooms for breakfast. While the one with the buffet is totally fine, I was seated in the other room, which didn’t have any natural light and quite uncomfortable tables.

Harbour Rocks Hotel offers a mixture of a small buffet with bread, rolls, fruits, cheeses and cold cuts and à la carte breakfast. However, I’d say a good à la carte breakfast comes with great service. Sadly, this was just not the case. The waiters were slow and not too friendly.

Harbour Rocks Hotel Sydney Breakfast

The quality of the food is very high

While the Egg’s Benedict were very good and the quality of the buffet was good as well, I just didn’t like the idea of long waiting and sitting in an unaccomodating room.

Facilities at Harbour Rocks Hotel Sydney

Usually, I’m not especially mentioning all facilities a hotel has to offer. Yet, at Harbour Rocks Hotel Sydney the gym alone wouldn’t be worth a paragraph.

Actually, it’s just one treadmill and ergometer as well as a weight bench without weights in the basement without natural light, which also felt rather claustrophobic. Other than that, there’s a nice little coffee shop of sorts, which is open during the day (also for the public) and a bar, which also offers small snacks and is combined with the reception.

Bottom line Harbour Rocks Hotel Sydney

Till today, I’m conflicted about Harbour Rocks Hotel Sydney. It might just be me, but the facilities of the property might just be too limited. The gym is a joke, the breakfast just isn’t on the four or five star standard and the bathroom of my Heritage Deluxe Room remembered me of brands like Holiday Inn or ibis.

Harbour Rocks Hotel Sydney Heritage Lobby

The Harbour Rocks Hotel Sydney is nice enough for an overnight stay

Other than that, the hotel is quite nice with fitting furniture, high ceilings, friendly, warm and caring staff and high-quality food. With the good location, the Harbour Rocks Hotel might be worth a recommendation if you are just looking for a good night sleep. Yet, I don’t really see myself staying at the property again.

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