Running on Malta

Running on Malta was a really enjoyable experience. As a regular reader, you are aware of me liking running on islands like Tenerife or Gran Canaria. While different, Malta is also great for running!

I’ll have two different installments about running in Malta as the island is quite diverse, allowing for more than just one guide. Both times I started at Hilton Malta.

Running on Malta

Map of my run on Malta (tracked by Runtastic)

This first post features a run to the West into the nature, while I ran into the city the other day.

  • Distance: 5.75 kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 70 meters
  • Calories burned: 350-400
  • Month: December
  • Weather: Cloudy

The weather on this morning wasn’t especially good. It was a little rainy from time to time, but mainly cloudy. Yet, the temperature was quite comfortable for running.

Leaving St. Julien and its bays

Hilton Malta is located in the middle of St. Julien, which meant that I had to get out of the city first.

St. Julien has a couple of lovely bays

St. Julien has a couple of lovely bays

Due to the special shape of the coastline of Malta, this requires running back and forth along the bays. While this might sound strenous, the views you can enjoy make it very enjoyable overall.

In St. Julien, you might also step one or another interesting building. One of those is the Westin Dragonara Resort. While “just” a big hotel, the building itself is quite impressive.

Enjoying the natural beauty of Malta

This part of my run is something I’d just recommend to experienced runners. As soon as you left the more populated area and head into nature, there are no offical walkways or paths anymore.

Running on Malta

The coastline on Malta is very special

In this case, you should be especially careful in the area of Pembroke Pool. Yet, this is the beauty of running on Malta at the same time. It is incredibly enjoyable to just be in the nature on yourself, just listening to the sounds of the sea.

I’ll mostly let the pictures speak for themselves, but it’s still worth noting that the rocky coast is truly beautiful and highly unusual.

Relaxing in the middle of nowhere

As Malta is incredibly small, it has the highest population densitity of all states in the European Union. Nevertheless, you are able to enjoy the nature just to yourself.

Running on Malta

Having the whole nature for oneself feels great

In this case, I was really surprised that after passing Pembroke Pool I didn’t meet a single soul anymore. Interestingly, it gets less rocky and more “normal” (there are even walkways) in this area.

While beautiful, you should be a little careful in this area as it is part of a military zone. While accessible in general, you might be “denied” access when shootings are in process (care for the red flag).

Running on Malta

Take care when running in this area

For my run, nothing was in progress and so I was able to enjoy the beautiful area of plain land with the sea right next to it on my own. Just beautiful!

Enjoyable running on Malta

Running on Malta was a lot of fun. The pictures might tell this story better than words, but I’m sure you can spot that running on Malta is something you should to do at least once when visiting the island.

Especially in winter, there are rarely any people outside of the villages and cities, making the nature even more beautiful. Thus, I’d especially recommend running on Malta in the winter!


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