Saigon, officially known as Ho-Chi-Minh-City, may not have the historic charm of Hanoi. Yet, the combination of French colonial architecture and the skyscrapers make the city a very interesting place to visit. Plus, Saigon feels way more buzzling than other cities in Vietnam.

Saigon Skyline

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  2. I went to Saigon last month and felt a very cool fresh urban feeling to the city, not at all what I had in mind. You have details that send you back 100 years, side by side with top notch contemporary art! Made me wish to go back and discover the enchantments of being a local for a while.

    • Saigon is indeed a really interesting city. There’s an incredible mix of culture, arts and history. While it may not be Hanoi when it comes to the sights, the “feeling” is very interesting!

    • Indeed, I was surprised to see how different Saigon is to the rest of the country. Definitely a place I would recommend visiting 🙂

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