Hotel Review: Pullman Melbourne Albert Park

Pullman Melbourne Albert Park is one of many Accorhotels in the second biggest city in Australia. The property pretty much delivers right what you expect. It’s a typical business hotel in a somewhat average location in Melbourne.

For my stay in Melbourne, I decided to book a night at Pullman Melbourne Albert Park. The property is located South of the city center.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Superior Room
  • Month of Stay: August

There’s nothing really in walking distance, but a tram stop is just a five minute walk from the hotel. The Pullman shares the building with the Mercure Melbourne Albert Park, but is supposed to be the more upscale of the both hotels.

Pullman Melbourne Albert Park Lobby

Lobby of Pullman Melbourne Albert Park

The refurbished lobby looks quite stylish, but still makes you feel like you are checking in to a typical business hotel.

Superior Room at Pullman Melbourne Albert Park

Speaking of business hotels, the Superior Room at the Pullman I was upgraded to, had the typical shape of an upscale hotel room. Upon entering, there is the bathroom to the right and a wardrobe to the left.

Pullman Melbourne Albert Park Superior Room

Superior Room at Pullman Melbourne Albert Park

The room itself is reasonably large and feels very airy due to the large floor-to-ceiling windows with a decent view of the street (highway) and the lake in the distance. While the windows were quite good, the room wasn’t perfectly soundproof.

Pullman Melbourne Albert Park Superior Room

The view is quite nice

The rooms at Pullman Melbourne Albert Park got recently refurbished and I’d say the hotel did quite a good job. The comfortable bed with two night stands comes with unique lamps and a picture of earth behind it. The working desk is big enough (yet, I’m not a fan of glass desks) and comes with a reasonably comfortable chair.

However, I’d prefer a proper office chair. In the other corner of the room by the window, you can find a comfortable armchair with an ottoman as well as a coffee table. Something worth pointing out is that Pullman Melbourne Albert Park provides guests with a free to use iPad for you convenience.

Bathroom of the Superior Room

At this point, it’s worth noting that we are speaking of a renovated, not a newly built hotel. While the pictures may make you think that the proptery is brand new, the small bathroom is a good indicator of an old and transformed hotel.

Pullman Melbourne Albert Park Superior Room

The bathroom is small, but stylish and convenient

While I’d say that the Pullman Melbourne Albert Park also did a great job with the renovation of the bathroom, it’s just very small. Upon entering, you are facing the single sink with a walk-in shower immediately to the left and the toilet to the right.

The bathroom measures maybe four square meters, but looks very nice and comes with fresh colors. Plus, the shower head and pressure are very good and the toiletries are of decent quality.

Food & Drinks at Pullman Melbourne Albert Park

As we were exhausted after a trip of more than three weeks, we decided to just have a snack in the lobby of Pullman Melbourne Albert Park with our welcome drinks.

Pullman Melbourne Albert Park Welcome Drink

Welcome Drinks in the Lobby Bar

Those were good for two cocktails of our choice, which were quite good. In addition, we had some sort of special potatoes. Not bad either.

Pullman Melbourne Albert Park Dinner

Hamburger ordered via Room Service

Later in the night, I got hungry again and had my typical hamburger in the room. Nothing to write home about, but totally edible.

Breakfast at Pullman Melbourne Albert Park

Pullman Melbourne Albert Park truly delivers when it comes to the breakfast. After some great breakfasts and some rather average ones on the trip, I didn’t expect too much.

Pullman Melbourne Albert Park Breakfast

Breakfast at Pullman Melbourne Albert Park was a very positive surprise

Yet, I was quite positively surprised by what was on offer at the Pullman Melbourne Albert Park. Not only was the choice with smoothies, fresh fruits, yoghurts, pastries, cheeses, salad, hot options and even congee very good, but the presentation was top-notch as well.

The only thing I didn’t really like about the breakfast spread was the lack of bread and rolls as there was just some toast. Nevertheless, I’d highly recommend having breakfast at Pullman Melbourne Albert Park. It’s worth it!

Pool & Gym at Pullman Melbourne Albert Park

As most upscale properties in Australia and New Zealand, the Pullman comes with a pool. Retrospectively, I’d say it looks better on the pictures than in reality.

Pullman Melbourne Albert Park Pool

Pool at Pullman Melbourne Albert Park

In my opinon, it somewhat lacked atmosphere, but was decent besides. It comes with a good temperature and is okay for swimming laps. In addition, there is also a jacuzzi, which was well appreciated after a long day.

Something I found rather strange at Pullman Melbourne Albert Park and also adds to the atmsophere argument is the lack of loungers. There are just a few basic chairs by the pool, nothing else. While the pool is rather bland, I found the gym at the Pullman to be quite nice.

There’s a reasonable amount of cardio machines. You can also find several strength machines and free weights. While not exactly modern, I’d say the gym at Pullman Melbourne Albert Park is as good as it gets in a hotel.

Bottom line Pullman Melbourne Albert Park

One might say that it’s not even worth writing reviews about business hotels in the upscale sector as they all pretty much look and are the same. Personally, I couldn’t disagree more and the Pullman Melbourne Albert Park is the best example for that. While the property might not look brilliant at first sight, everything is better than you’d expect. The renovated rooms are beautiful and the breakfast is surprisingly good. There was not really anything that annoyed me during the stay, which is rather rare for me. Thus, I’d highly recommend staying at the Pullman if you are okay with the not-so-great location.

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