Hotel Review: Hilton Alexandria Corniche

Hilton Alexandria Corniche is one of three Hilton properties in the city. The property was taken over from Ramada not long ago, but was renovated afterwards. Nevertheless, the Corniche Hilton isn’t the perfect place to stay in Alexandria.

If you are into points & miles, you should definitely check out Hilton Alexandria Corniche as it is available for just 5.000 Hilton Honors points, while paid rates are usually 100 US-Dollar and above.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Mediterranean Suite
  • Month of Stay: December

That said, I booked three rooms for me and my family for a total of three nights. We arranged a transfer from Conrad Cairo to the Hilton Alexandria Corniche for 60 US-Dollar through the hotel.

Hilton Alexandria Corniche Lobby

Lobby of Hilton Alexandria Corniche

The comfortable Minivan pulled us at the hotel after approximately three hours. After passing the security check, we were welcomed by a strong smell of smoke.

Hilton Alexandria Corniche Welcome Treatment

Welcome Treatment

That’s basically the main problem with the Corniche Hilton: The property doesn’t have any non-smoking rooms nor public areas.

Mediterranean Suite at Hilton Alexandria Corniche

The check-in procedure as such was friendly and quick. Thus, we were escorted to our rooms. The management gratefully extendend my Hilton Honors Diamond benefits to the whole family. Thus, one room was upgraded to a Junior Suite, one to a Partial Sea View Room and mine to a Mediterranean Suite.

Hilton Alexandria Corniche Mediterranean Suite

Living Room of the Mediterranean Suite

It’s worth noting that the Sea View Rooms might have a better view, but as the windows (the second big problem at Hilton Alexandria Corniche) are horrible, they are incredibly noisy due to the big street between the hotel and the sea.

Hilton Alexandria Corniche Mediterranean Suite

Bedroom of the Mediterranean Suite

Thus, I’d recommend backwards facing rooms. Furthermore, you should make sure that the hotel prepares the rooms as non-smoking rooms as they smell horribly otherwise.

The Mediterranean Suite had a very fresh look upon entering and comes with a living room with a couch set-up and a working desk. Detached by a door, you may enter the bedroom with a large wardrobe, a comfotable King Bed and an armchair.

Both parts of the suite got access to a nice little balcony with side sea views. While the interior is quite modern, it’s a little too plus for my taste. However, the biggest downside is that the furniture deeply smells like smoke. This problem wasn’t as big in the other rooms.

The normal rooms are relatively small, but come with a modern interior as well. The Junior Suite was one of the older rooms, but in a decent condition.

Bathroom of the Mediterranean Suite

All rooms and suites share the pretty much same bathroom. As no walls have been moved during the renovation of Hilton Alexandria Corniche, the bathrooms are on the very small side.

Hilton Alexandria Corniche Mediterranean Suite

Bathroom of the Mediterranean Suite

Upon entering, there is the sink immediately in front of you, the toilet to the left and a shower-tub combo to the right. The bathrooms have been renovated and are in a good condition.

Toiletries are provided by Peter Thomas Roth as it is the norm for Hilton properties.

Food at Hilton Alexandria Corniche

The prices for food and other things in Egypt are very low at the moment due to the depreciation of the currency. Thus, we decided to have quite a lot of food in the hotel. One evening, we checked out the Lebanease restaurant, which was quite good, but very filling at the same time.

Hilton Alexandria Corniche Dinner

The Lebanese Food is very good

I’d highly recommend having dinner there once as the service and the food were very good both times. Sadly, I can’t find the pictures anymore. However, I’ve got a couple of pictures from two other meals we had in our rooms.

Hilton Alexandria Corniche Room Service

Especially the first room service dinner was good

Once, we ordered the salmon and pizza, another day we had the rissotto, garlic cheese bread and a nice dessert. When it comes to the Western dishes, Hilton Alexandria Corniche is a little bit hit or miss as the salmon and pizza were good, but everything else average at best.

The Lebanese food definitely is the better option when staying at the Corniche Hilton.

Executive Lounge at Hilton Alexandria Corniche

As my Diamond benefits got extended to my whole family, we checked out the Executive Lounge from time to time. Sadly, the space is not very accomodating as it’s dark and not really nicely furnished.

While there is a barkeeper, only soft drinks and water are available at most times (out of big bottles). In addition, there is just a Nescafe coffee machine. During the day, small snacks are available.

Hilton Alexandria Corniche Executive Lounge

Snacks are available during the day

In the evening, there’s a selection of a few appetizers. The quality was decent, yet nothing to talk home about. Taking into account the very low prices for other food, I’d recommend rather skipping the Executive Lounge at Hilton Alexandria Corniche or just have a small snack there.

Especially the drink selection and the atmosphere are disappointing.

Breakfast at Hilton Alexandria Corniche

There is no breakfast served in the Executive Lounge, which means that you can have breakfast in the restaurant on the ground floor. The breakfast restaurant of Hilton Alexandria Corniche as such is reasonably atmospheric and the breakfast buffet is not bad either.

Hilton Alexandria Corniche Breakfast

The Breakfast Buffet is quite nice

The service was quite sloppy on the first day, but got better the next two days. The selection on the buffet was focused on Arabian guests, which I appreciated. There were several pastes including hummus and other treats, which were all wonderful.

Then the buffet had different kinds of olives and other vegetables, a decent selection of bread and rolls, several hot options including Arabic and Western ones as well as a small selection of cold cuts and cheeses.

Hilton Alexandria Corniche Breakfast

Freshly prepared options are available as well

On the backside of the buffet, you can find several different sweets. In addition to what’s available on the buffet, you can order omelets, pancakes and a few other things at the live cooking station.

Gym, Spa & Beach at Hilton Alexandria Corniche

In theory, Hilton Alexandria Corniche got a beach and a pool. Yet, the latter was not accessible in winter times. The beach as such is accesible, but swimming is prohibited.

Hilton Alexandria Corniche Beach

The beach is quite nice, yet noisy

My dad gave it a try anyways and had to sign something on Arabic to be allowed to do so. Quite a funny story. While cold and windy, he thought that swimming in the sea was enjoyable. The beach as such is reasonably nice. In contrast, the gym is disappointing as it’s dark, old and not very well equipped.

The same is true for the so-called Spa, which is available for men in the evening and women during the day.

There are a jacuzzi, a sauna, a steam bath and a few loungers in a dark room. Not really a place to relax for long.

Overall impressions of Hilton Alexandria Corniche

For booking with points, Hilton Alexandria Corniche is a great value. The rooms are fairly modern and at least the suites are reasonably sized. The treatment of Hilton Honors members is great and the breakfast is surprisingly good. The same is true for the Lebanease restaurant. At the same time, the gym, the strong smoke odor, the bad windows and the very sloppy service are rather disappointing.

Hilton Alexandria Corniche View

Sadly, the location of Hilton Alexandria Corniche is mediocre

In addition, the location just looks good on the map as you need at least 30 to 60 minutes to reach the city center due to the horrible traffic situation in Alexandria. Thus, I’d recommend staying at the Hilton Alexandria Corniche on points, but would definitely prefer the Four Seasons Alexandria for cash bookings.

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