Lounge Review: American Airlines Flagship Lounge New York

The American Airlines Flagship Lounge New York just opened in its new design. Before I’ll share a review of the new lounge with you, I thought it would be interesting for you to see how the old lounge looks in comparison. My colleague Ben from OMAAT already released a review of the new Flagship Lounge in case you want to have a look!

While lounges in the US are nothing to write home about if you are used to lounges in Asia and sometimes even in Europe, I was looking forward to checking out the second American Airlines Flagship Lounge after the one in Los Angeles, which I reviewed earlier. To my surprise, both lounges were actually way better than expected. Why? Because they are ticking nearly all the boxes, which are important to me when it comes to lounges.

Seating in the American Airlines Flagship Lounge New York

I wouldn’t say that before the refurbishment, the seating in the American Airlines Flagship Lounge New York is by any means great. Nevertheless, I think that the lounge is a great place to hang out due to the incredibly views of the tarmac.

The views of the tarmac are the highlight of the Flagship Lounge

There are tons of amazing seating options for aviation geeks. Especially the comfortable semi-flat loungers are amazing for relaxing and watching airplanes.

In addition, there are several dining tables, an area with proper working cubicles and proper tables as well as areas with more typical lounge seating.

While the lounge obviously needs the current refreshment, the space itself is quite nice and American Airlines gets the different needs of passengers right in my opinion.

The only real downside is the lack of plugs in most areas. While the lounge also offers shower rooms, they are not especially great.

Buffet of the American Airlines Flagship Lounge New York

The biggest weakness of US lounges usually is the food spread. Well, the American Airlines Flagship Lounge New York is a great exception of this rule.

The buffet of the American Airlines Flagship Lounge New York is decent

During my visit in the early evening, there were fresh salads, two soups, three hot options, several sweet snacks including freshly baked cookies and an extensive selection of drinks.

The drink selection could be worse

Especially the complimentary drink selection including decent spirits is worth mentioning. While I wasn’t too hungry after a flight in the Japan Airlines Business Class and before an American Airlines Business Class flight to Rio de Janeiro, the things I tried were actually quite good.

While the offerings are not great for an international First Class lounge by any means, I found the spread in the American Airlines Flagship Lounge New York to be totally okay.

Entertainment in the American Airlines Flagship Lounge New York

A proper business center with windows computers, several areas with proper desks for working and a good selction of newspapers and magazines.

Especially the working spaces with views of the tarmac right by the window are amazing. Yes, the American Airlines Flagship Lounge New York comes with decent entertainment options. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that everything is very US centered.

From the mainly American newspapers to the lack of international plugs, there’s definitely room for improvement. Other than that, the entertainment selection in the American Airlines Flagship Lounge New York is totally fine.

Overall impression of the American Airlines Flagship Lounge New York

While I see room for improvement at US lounges, I might be one of the least critical reviewers of these lounges. Why? Because I actually like lounges for working in a calm and accomodating atmopshere. The American Airlines Flagship Lounge New York is a good example for a great lounge in this regard. Good working areas, lots of daylight and a stunning view of the tarmac are very positive aspects of the lounge. The buffet is decent for a US lounge and the seating options are not bad either. While there’s room for improvement, I wouldn’t hesitate spending one or another hour in the lounge if having a layover in New York. If you take into account that the new design makes the lounge also physically stunning, you’ll surely have a great time. Stay tuned for an updated review here on traveluxblog!

Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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