Running in Hamburg

Running in Hamburg is always truly enjoyable. With nearly all parts of the city being located close to a river, sports are double the fun. This running guide will show you how great running in Hamburg can be!

I’ve started my run at Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Hamburg, which is ideally located at the Binnenalster.

Running in Hamburg

Map of my run in Hamburg (tracked by Runtastic)

Upon leaving the building, you are right by the water and can enjoy stunning views of Hamburg in the distance.

  • Distance: 4.1 kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 40 meters
  • Calories burned: 225-275
  • Month: November
  • Weather: Sunny

This combined with the fact that the day was totally funny made up for a great start into my running experience!

Jungfernstieg and Binnenalster in Hamburg

Upon leaving, I decided to head to the right to run along the Jungfernstieg for a moment. This part of the city is known for being a great place to stroll around.

In the morning, it was not any busy and thus allowed great views of the Binnenalster and the historic buildings like the Alsterhaus. I then turned right onto the Ballindamm to follow the Binnenalster.

Running in Hamburg

It’s just a quick run till you reach the Außenalster

If you are looking right at this place, you might spot the Kunsthalle Hamburg. Running-wise, you should cross the big streets until you find yourself back by the water, where you can continue your run.

Alsterufer and Außenalster

Upon crossing Kennedybridge, you’ll find yourself in one of the nicest areas of Hamburg. That’s basically where all the city villas (including the American Embassy) are located.

Running in Hamburg

The Alsterufer is brilliant for running

In addition, there is a beautiful running track along the water and there’s barely any traffic. This means that you can fully enjoy the water with the skyline in the distance to the right and the nice buildings to the left. Depending on how long you want to run, you can extend your journey as long as you want to.

I went for a quicker run this morning due to not having too much time. Yet, I would have loved to continue as this running track is maybe one of the most beautiful ones in the world.

Back to the Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten

If you are staying at the Fairmont or nearby, you can just easily turn around as soon as you want to, cross the two big streets again, run along the Binnenalster for a moment and arrive at your destination.

There are a couple of other options to run alongside the Alster and there are also beautiful tracks along the Elbe, so I’d definitely recommend to go running in Hamburg. There’s hardly any city in the world where running is more enjoyable!


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