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During the last two years while studying at the University of Exeter I had always planned to visit Bath, but never actually found time to do so. Fortunately, Moritz and I planned a relaxing get-away to Bath during cold November. Although we were quite unlucky with the weather, we were very impressed by the city and enjoyed our stay at The Gainsborough.

Bath The gainsborough

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Bath Spa is located in the county of Somerset, relatively near to Bristol and about 150km away from London. It is a popular town for relaxing weekend trips and is mainly known for its Roman Baths build around the only natural English hot springs. Not only the Baths itself are quite impressive, but also the architecture of the town itself. The sandstone buildings which are found across the entire city centre create a very warm and luxurious atmosphere.

Roman Baths Museum

The Roman Baths Museum incorporates the hot springs and exhibits the remains of the temple and different rooms.

The Roman Baths Museum Hot Springs

Hot springs in the Roman Baths Museum

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Bath Abbey

This historic abbey was founded in the 7th century and has as such a very rich history.

Bath Abbey

Historical Abbey of Bath

It has undergone a number of refurbishments and can host up to 1200 people at the same time.

Grand Pump Room

The Grand Pump Room is a historic building near the Abbey and Roman Baths Museum. It was build of Bath stone between 1786 and 1790. During the exvacations remains of a Roman temple precinct were found.

Bath Pump Room

The Pump Room – one of the most famous places to ave afternoon tea at in Bath

Nowadays, the room has been transferred into a café and is widely known for its afternoon tea.

The Circus 

The Circus is a very interesting architectural project. It is a circular area surrounded by three segments of town houses.

The architect, John Wood, who designed this was inspired by Stonehenge and thus used the same dimensions for the diameter.

Bath Assembly Rooms

The Assembly rooms were build during the Georgian era. In the 18th century assembly rooms were build to host a variety of social events such as balls, concerts, gambling, etc.

Later on during the 20th century it was also used as a cinema. Nowadays, the Fashion Museum is situated in the basement of the building.

Royal Crescent

Royal Crescent is located near Victoria park and faces an extensive green lawn. Similarly to the Circus, the No 1 Royal Crescent was also build in a circular shape. It was however designed by John Wood the Younger.

Since 240 years people have lived in these 30 townhouses. House number one has been transformed to into a museum showcasing the past of the people living here.

Jane Austen Centre

You’re a fan of Jane Austen’s novels? Then you should check out the Jane Austen Centre where you can learn more about her time in Bath.

Bath Jane Austen Centre

Jane Austen Centre in Bath

This is where she wrote Persuasion and Northanger Abbey. There are also some people in costumes bringing the novel figures alive!

River Avon and Pulteney Bridge

River Avon not only runs through Bristol, but also through the town of Bath. It is nice to go for a walk or run alongside. Moreover, you will also find Pulteney Bridge here.

The bridge was build to connect the city centre with the newly build Georgian Bathwick. The way it has been designed makes it quite unique. Over the entire length of the bridge are a variety of shops and cafés.

Our overall impression of Bath

We both really enjoyed our stay in this beautiful spa town. Not only were we impressed by the architecture, but also by its exquisitiveness. While you can easily visit most of the sights within a couple of hours, it is definitely worth it to take your time to enjoy this Georgian town. Moreover, it is definitely a great spot to relax in and enjoy one of the spas!

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