Lounge Review: Admirals Club Sao Paulo

The American Airlines Admirals Club Sao Paulo is one of the oneworld lounges at the airport. In fact, both lounges are located right next to each other. We’ll give you an idea of which one you should choose in our review!

I’ve already reviewed the LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo, which is the bigger of the two oneworld lounges in Sao Paulo. It was a little surprising to me that American Airlines operates a lounge right next door. While I found the LATAM Lounge to be quite nice, I was also positively surprised by the Admirals Club.

Admirals Club Sao Paulo Seating

The Admirals Club has a very modern design

At this point I wanted to excuse the bad picture quality. It seems that my phone wasn’t capable of the special lighting conditions in the lounge. I hope that you’ll be able to get a good impression of the lounge anyways.

Seating in the Admirals Club Sao Paulo

The American Airlines Admirals Club Sao Paulo has a nice little entrance area, which already showcases the modern interior of the lounge. Upon entering, you’ll find yourself in one big room.

Admirals Club Sao Paulo Seating

The lounge is seperated in several areas

Yet, the lounge has several seperated areas, for working, watching TV, dining or relaxing. This makes the Admirals Club Sao Paulo a decent place to hang out. However, the major weakness of the Admirals Club Sao Paulo is that it lacks daylight and any views.

While the LATAM Lounge and the Star Alliance Lounge Sao Paulo (which I’ll review later) both at least got atrium views, the Admirals Club solely relies on artificial lights. The modern interior makes the lounge quite nice away. All areas come with fairly comfortable chairs and especially the proper working desks on the right side of the lounge are appreciated.

I’d say that he design of the Admirals Club Sao Paulo makes it look a little cold, but it’s at least modern and stylish. The lounge also offers lavatories and shower rooms.

Buffet of the Admirals Club Sao Paulo

To the far left of the lounge, there’s the buffet area. This one is surprisingly good for an Admirals Club. Especially compared to the clubs in Chicago, Dallas and New York, the offerings were amazing.

Admirals Club Sao Paulo Buffet

Buffet of the Admirals Club Sao Paulo

Personally, I would say that the offerings in Sao Paulo are on the same level as in the Admirals Club Tokyo. When I visited the lounge in the evening, there were three different hot options, finger sandwiches, salads, cold cuts and more cold snacks.

In addition, there was a set-up wit lots of sweets and cakes. The drink selection consisted of wines, cava, decent spirits and the usual selection of soft drinks. The coffee, however, was average at best.

Admirals Club Sao Paulo Buffet

The lounge comes with a good selection of drinks

Nevertheless, I’d say that the American Airlines Admirals Club Sao Paulo offers a totally fine selection at the buffet.

Entertainment in the Admirals Club Sao Paulo

While I didn’t see any newspapers on display, there was a decent selection of magazines alongside a business center with computers. In addition, there are great working desks to the right side of the lounge.

Admirals Club Sao Paulo Magazines

There are several magazines on offer in the lounge

If you are more into relaxation, you might relax in the television area, where you can watch news channels in comfortable armchairs. Sadly, the lounge had one major weakness during my visit: The Wi-Fi connection was borderline unusable.

I can’t really tell what the problem was, but the Wi-Fi was very slow on all my devices. Sort-of surprising as the internet connection tends to be quite good in American Airlines lounges around the world.

Overall impressions of the Admirals Club Sao Paulo

Personally, I’d still prefer the LATAM Lounge Sao Paulo over the Admirals Club. It just feels more airy and I somewhat find the design and separation of the lounge to be superior.

Admirals Club Sao Paulo Lavatories

The Admirals Club offers on-site lavatories and shower rooms

That’s not to say that the Admirals Club Sao Paulo is any bad. The seating is comfortable, the club is modern and the buffet selection is quite good. The only real weaknesses are the lack of daylight and the weak Wi-Fi, which might have just been bad on this very day.


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