Hotel Review: Hilton Malta

Hilton Malta was our choice for a four night stay in December. While we were generally satisfied, there was one major downside of our stay. Read more about it in our extensive hotel review.

Hilton Malta offered a great deal for a four night stay in December, especially considering I get some nice benefits as a HH Diamond member. Thus, I went ahead and booked a winter getaway.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Corner Suite
  • Month of Stay: December

Arriving at the airport, we took the bus to St. Julian, where the Hilton is located. The hotel is pretty much in the city center and thus hard not to find.

Hilton Malta Exterior

Exterior of Hilton Malta

The check-in procedure was quick and friendly and we were assigned a suite as an upgarde. Definitely a good start.

Corner Suite at Hilton Malta

Hilton Malta is an incredibly big hotel, which means that there might be several different rooms in each category. However, the great upgrade we got in this case didn’t turn out to be that amazing.

Hilton Malta Suite

Corner Suite at Hilton Malta

Why? Because the Corner Suite at Hilton Malta got the major downside of being quite dark due to its location. Nevertheless, the suite wasn’t bad by any means.

Upon entering, you find yourself in the living room, which comes with a weird shape, but decent interior and a nice design. To my surprise, the living room just has a sitting area and some wardrobes.

The large working desk alongside a luggage rag and the King Bed are located in the bedroom. I also didn’t really like the fact that the working desk is located in a dark corner (it might just be me though as others just don’t work when on holidays).

Hilton Malta Suite

Balcony of the Corner Suite

Both rooms got access to a little balcony with a table and two chairs, which allows sea views in the distance.

Sadly, the balcony is located in-between two other parts of the hotel, which is the main reason for the balcony (and the suite) being so dark, even during the day.

Bathroom of the Corner Suite

The bathroom of the Corner Suite at Hilton Malta looks very nice at first sight. There’s a double sink, a walk-in shower, a tub and a detached toilet.

Hilton Malta Suite

Bathroom of the Corner Suite

Everything is reasonably modern and looks good. In addition, there are the typical Peter Thomas Roth toiletries.

Nevertheless, there’s something worth pointing out at this point. Not only in the bathroom, but in the whole suite, there were several signs of wear and tear.

Taking into account that the suite was renovated not long ago, it seems like the upkeep is an issue not taking too seriously at Hilton Malta.

Executive Lounge at Hilton Malta

As a Hilton Honors Diamond member, I got access to the Executive Lounge. This one is physically beautiful and looks brand new. In addition, the sea views from the terrace are brilliant.

I might say that the Executive Lounge at Hilton Malta is easily the most beautiful in Europe.

The food offerings during the day are rather weak with just a few snacks and breakfast is also average at best.

However, the cake selection in the afternoon is quite nice and the evening spread could be worse, too.

There’s also a decent offering of alcoholic beverages in the evening.

Even though the lounge fills up a little bit when there’s food available, it never really felt crowded.

Breakfast at Hilton Malta

Breakfast is served in the main restaurant of Hilton Malta, which is quite atmospheric. While a little large, the restaurant wasn’t crowded at anytime we had breakfast.

Hilton Malta Breakfast

The breakfast selection at Hilton Malta is quite good

The service was a little sloppy, but with some asking, you usually get what you want. The breakfast buffet as such is good enough, though didn’t really amaze me.

Speaking about a holiday hotel, I would have expected something more special at Hilton Malta. There was a great selection of cold cuts, cheeses, fruits, pastries, bread, hot options and more.

Hilton Malta Breakfast

You may also order eggs prepared to your liking

In addition, you may also order freshly prepared egg dishes. Yet, there was nothing outstanding about the breakfast. However, I’d still say that what’s served at Hilton Malta is quite good overall.

Dinner at Hilton Malta

On one evening we decided to have dinner at the Thai Restaurant of Hilton Malta. It is called Blue Elephant and located in the basement of the hotel.

Hilton Malta Blue Elephant Restaurant 5

The Blue Elephant Restaurant is worth recommending

Blue Elephant is actually a famous chain of Thai restaurants with various locations throughout the world. While a little pricey, everything was great at the Blue Elephant. We were welcomed with cold towels, enjoyed great service and enjoyed three great Thai dishes including an amazing Pad Thai.

So, if you stay at Hilton Malta, make sure to visit the Blue Elephant restaurant one evening. It’s worth it!

Pools, Beach and Gym & Hilton Malta

Being a holiday hotel, there are quite a lot of facilities at Hilton Malta. First of all, there are incredibly large and great looking outdoor pools.

Hilton Malta Pool

The outdoor pools at Hilton Malta are stunning

Besides the two pools in front of the hotel, there’s also one in the beach club. However, those are too cold for swimming in December.

In winter, you may use the indoor pool of Hilton Malta, which is located in the fitness club. This one is not only accessible by hotel guests, but also by members. That leads to one major issue: Overcrowding.

While the pool was fine at most times, the gym was incredibly crowded in the evening. Leaving that aside, the pool is quite nice, while the sauna and steam facilities could use an update. The gym is large and great for any sort of training, yet a little too dark for my taste.

Last but not least, there’s also a beach close, which you can easily reach in walking distance. It’s not supposed to be great as it’s quite rocky, but it’s pretty much as good as it gets on an island like Malta.

Bottom line Hilton Malta

Last but not least, it’s worth pointing out that one of my girlfriends expensive blouses got lost in our suite. The management was not very helpful in regards to my concerns regarding security issues and theft and instead tried to blame us. I don’t really want to have this influence my review, but I at least think that it’s worth pointing out.

Hilton Malta Welcome Treatment

Welcome Treatment at Hilton Malta

Leaving that aside, I think that Hilton Malta is a decent property and offers a great value for the money in off season. Make sure that you get a room, which directly faces the sea or the marina to get more sun and I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay. Personally, I won’t return after my issues, but I would if this wouldn’t have happened.

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