Looking Back

Greeting from Ushuaia in the South of Argentina! As you see on traveluxblog, we’re currently exploring South America. Thus, we hope that you enjoy our frequent posts of our new travel experiences as well as our usual content. If you missed anything, here’s all we experienced last week summed up!

The Como Melbourne Pool

A stylish home away from home. Our extensive review of The Como Melbourne!

airberlin Business Class Airbus A330 Seat

Let’s get started! Five pictures of our flight in the airberlin Business Class to Los Angeles!

Admirals Club Sao Paulo Seating

Sao Paulo has one of the best Admirals Clubs out there. Here’s our extensive review!

Qantas First Class Lounge Los Angeles Dinner

A few hours to kill in Los Angeles. Impressions of the amazing Qantas First Class Lounge!

LATAM Business Class Boeing 787 Seat

On the way to South America: Five pictures of our flight in the LATAM Business Class!

Jurassic Coast Seaton

A wonderful experience: Hiking along the Jurassic Coast in the United Kingdom!

Costa del Sol Wyndham Lima Airport Queen Room

The first hotel on this trip. First impressions of Wyndham Costa del Sol Lima Airport!

Big, busy, booming. Here’s our new City Guide featuring Cairo in Egypt!

Lima Miraflores Coast

A very interesting city in Peru. Our first impressions of Lima!

Valletta Triton Fountain

A special monument combined with beautiful colors. Our photo of the week!


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