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We have already published two posts about London before, but there is just so much to see and do in London that we would like to share some of our recent highlights of our trip to London. Both, Moritz and I have been to London several times beforehand, but it was actually Moritz’ first time to experience sunny London!


Although we visited London in January we were blessed with the most stunning weather. Thus we decided to go on a walk along the Thames one day. You can read more about our experience on walking along the Thames Path in our Special section soon.

St. James Park London

Our Hotel, the Conrad London St. James was located very closely to St. James Park and thus the ideal start for a bit of sightseeing. This beautiful park consists of a small lake and is a paradise for waterfowl.

From the Blue Bridge you can see the Buckingham Palace on the one side and the Whitehall Court and London Eye on the other side. When we visited the park, the lake was partly frozen.

King’s Cross Railway Station London

You’ve probably heard of King’s Cross Station many times before. It is not only one of the main train stations in London, but also known for featuring J.K. Rowling’s famous 9 3/4 Platform. It was opened in 1852 and is just across the St. Pancras International station from which you can depart to mainland Europe.

London Harry Potter Platform

The Harry Potter Platform is however not spectacular in any way. It basically is just a wall in the middle of the main hall. Nevertheless lots of people queued there to have their photo taken professionally in front of the ‘mysterious’ wall.

British Library London

Near the King’s Cross Railway Station you can find the national library of the UK. According to the number of items listed it is the second biggest library in the world. Every year it adds about three million new items.

This equals about 9.6 kilometres space in the shelves. Moreover, the library receives a copy of every book published in the UK or Ireland.

British Museum London

The British Musem is one of the most important museums in London. It hosts a collection of items featuring the human history through art and culture.

It was first opened in 1759 and has since extended considerably.

University of Greenwich in London

One of the campuses of the University of Greenwich is located at the site of the Old Royal Naval College. The Old Royal Naval College was named a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

And it is no surprise to see why. The buildings located here are architectural masterpieces and were built between the end of the 17th and the beginning of the 18th century.


Greenwich Royal Observatory

The Royal Observatory is located at the top of a hill in Greenwich Park. While it has played an important role for astronomy and navigation, it is better known for being the location of the prime median.

London Royal Observatory Greenwich

From the top of the hill you can also enjoy a great view of the city as long as the weather is nice. However, the hill was surrounded by dust when we were there.

Greenwich Cutty Sark

The Cutty Sark which is located by the waterside in Greenwich is a British clipper ship which was mainly used for tea and wool trade. It was built in 1869.


The impressive Cutty Sark in Greenwich

The Cutty Sark is among the three remaining clipper ships who are original composite constructions. The two other ones are situated in Adelaide and Chile.


Some more sunny pictures of the most popular sights in London

While we have already features these famous sights in previous posts, we just wanted to show you a few more pictures of these impressive buildings from a sunny day.

Our overall impressions of London

London is always a great place to go to. Surely it can get quite crowded in the city, especially among the most popular sights, but there’s just always something new to explore. If you are trying to go a bit off the beaten path, try out the Thames Pathway. We barely even ran into anyone during our four hour walk. Greenwich is also a definite must see. This part of London is absolutely beautiful and from the Royal Observatory you can enjoy a nice view of the city.

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