Hotel Review: InterContinental Wellington

After staying at the brand new Sofitel Wellington, I decided to also give InterContinental Wellington a try. The hotel is located in the immediate city center of Wellington and thus is a great choice for any business or leisure stay. Yet, I’d say that the hotel is a little overpriced.

For my stay at InterContinental Wellington, I had booked a rate including parking. That made it convenient arriving by car and just using the valet service a couple of times. Everything worked out quite well and the check-in procedure was a breeze, too. For my rate of approximately 300 NZD, which is a little over my usual budget, but was worth it with the included parking, I received an upgrade to a Club Room as an InterContinental Ambassador. Sadly, the upgrade came without access to the club lounge.

Club Room at InterContinental Wellington

Upon opening the door my room, I was pleasantly surprised. The room wasn’t extremely big, but slightly bigger than the one I had at InterContinental Sydney.

InterContinental Wellington Club Room

Club Room at InterContinental Wellington

I also liked the design a bit more as the room seemed recently refreshed. In the entrance area, there’s a wardrobe and the bathroom to the right. The room itself comes with a comfortable King Bed facing a large flatscreen TV, which is built into the wall.

Right next to the TV there’s a working desk with a proper office chair. While the design of the whole set-up is quite nice, I’d actually prefer a proper desk, which is a little bigger. By the window, there’s a sofa with some nice decorative pillows.

InterContinental Wellington Club Room

The view could be a little nicer

The view of the neighbouring office building wasn’t anything to write home about, but that’s as good as it gets at InterContinental Wellington.

Besides the nice design, I liked that the Club Rooms at InterContinental Wellington come with a coffee machine.

Bathroom of the Club Room

The overall modern design of the Club Room at InterContinental Wellington continues in the bathroom.

InterContinental Wellington Club Room

Bathroom of the Club Room

While not very big, the bathroom was surely renovated a short while ago and thus looked brand new. There’s a single sink on a board, which offers lots of storage space.

Then there’s a toilet and a large walk-in shower, which comes with a rain shower head and a handheld device. The water pressure was good on both.

As it’s the norm for InterContinental hotels, Agraria products were awaiting me in the bathroom.

Room Service at InterContinental Wellington

After having an early dinner in the city, I decided to just order a snack via room service in the evening. The tray it was served on was very lovely arranged and I appreciated that the lasagna came with a roll.

InterContinental Wellington Dinner

Room Service Dinner at InterContinental Wellington

At the same time, the prices at InterContinental Wellington are quite elevated, so that’s something you should expect. While the lasagna was quite good, I would have liked the portion to be a little bigger.

Gym at InterContinental Wellington

InterContinental Wellington doesn’t offer many facilities, but there’s at least a gym.

InterContinental Wellington Gym

The gym at InterContinental Wellington is fairly well equipped

This one is quite well equipped with machines for cardio and strength training. In addition, there are several free weights. While spacious enough, the gym lacks views.

It may also be time for a refreshment as the equipment isn’t the newest and the design of the gym is, well… special.

Bottom line InterContinental Wellington

Staying at InterContinental Wellington was a perfectly fine choice. The service was good, the rooms are modern and well appointed, the room service meal was very good and the gym is decent. Sadly, I didn’t have time to try the breakfast due to an early flight.

InterContinental Wellington Coffee

In the morning, there’s a complimentary coffee set-up in the lobby

However, the InterContinental is a little too expensive for my taste and the lack of views is sort-of sad. Nevertheless, I’d say the IC is recommendable if you are looking for a centrally located luxury hotel. Wellington just isn’t a cheap destination.

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