Looking Back

Happy Easter from Santiago de Chile! Our tour through South America is getting to an end, but there’s still a lot of more content about our trip coming up here on traveluxblog! We hope that you enjoyed our impressions as well as our reviews and guides last week. Here’s all our content summed up!

Casa Andina Sacred Vallley Gardens

We’ve started into the week with impressions of Casa Andina Sacred Valley!

Hilton Malta Pool

How about holidays? Here’s our extensive review of Hilton Malta!

Machu Picchu

An incredible monument of human history: Impressions of Machu Picchu!

Hilton Garden Inn Cusco Courtyard

Not a bad place to stay at in Cusco. Our review of Hilton Garden Inn Cusco!

Definitely a good way to fly in Europe. Our review of the Turkish Airlines Economy Class!

Cusco Houses

There’s a lot to love about Cusco. Here are our first impressions!


Hola from Buenos Aires! Impressions of our quick stay at Anselmo Buenos Aires!

Ushuaia Penguins

Just a beautiful place. Impressions of Ushuaia in Tierra del Fuego!

London University of Greenwich

Have you had the pleasure of visiting London, yet? Here’s our new city guide!

Arakur Resort Ushuaia Sea View Room

A perfect spot for holidays in all seasons. Impressions of Arakur Resort Ushuaia!

Adelaide Airport

Thinking about a trip to Australia? Here’s our airport guide for Adelaide!

Dublin Skyline by night

Luminous! How do you like our new photo of the week?


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