Montevideo: Hilton Garden Inn

There are not many luxury hotels in Montevideo, which is why we chose Hilton Garden Inn Montevideo for our two night stay. The rooms are spacious, but not especially cozy. In addition, there’s a small pool, a decent gym and an okay breakfast.

Hilton Garden Inn Montevideo King Room

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    • The location is quite nice if you want to do some shopping (connected to a big mall) and also for the city beach (a couple of minutes walk away). However, Carrasco as well as the city center are a 20-30 minute ride away (approximately 10 Euro / US-Dollar with an Uber). I’d say it’s as good as it gets in Montevideo if you want to be “close” to everything.

  2. Did you use the public bus system in town? Looks pretty good (excellent website/app). I just don’t like being isolated too far from the historic centre tho after some lower-class places before Uruguay it may be useful to recharge for a few days in a nicer place! 🙂

    • We didn’t as we mainly used Uber (which is quite fairly priced and very comfortable), but the buses don’t look too bad. The traffic is also quite okay compared to other cities in SA, so you should be toatlly fine. I’m quite sure that staying at the HGI isn’t a bad idea as you’re basically in a very lively area. Just the “old town” is further away, the beaches and the “modern” part of Montevideo is walkable 🙂

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