Airline Review: Emirates Economy Class

The Emirates Economy Class is one of the best-rated products out there. I was long looking forward to finally reviewing the “luxury” Economy Class and took the chance in December. Here are my thoughts about the Emirates Economy Class!

After having already reviewed the Qatar Airways Economy Class and the Etihad Airways Economy, Emirates was the third and final Middle Eastern carrier I had to review in Economy Class. To my surprise, Emirates flies from Malta to Cyprus, so I took the chance to try the product on this especially funny route, which is approximately three hours long.

Seating in the Emirates Economy Class

On this particular flight, I had the chance to review the Emirates Economy Class on board a Boeing 777. While Emirates highly relies on the Airbus A380, there are not many differences between these two airplanes when it comes to the Economy Class.

Emirates Economy Class Boeing 777 Seating

Cabin of the Emirates Economy Class

The Boeing 777 comes with a 3-4-3 configuration, but we were lucky enough to have a free middle seat in one of the front rows. The cabin as such looks fairly modern and has a very calming atmosphere.

Emirates Economy Class Boeing 777 Seating

The seats are quite comforatble

The mix of beige with orange and lila finishes is quite nice, too. The seats as such are quite comfortable for Economy Class, come with decent legroom and also offer an adjustable headrest, which makes sleeping a little easier.

Emirates Economy Class Boeing 777 Seat Pitch

The seat pitch is okay, but not great

While the seats are not especially wide, I’d say that seating in the Emirates Economy Class is very comfortable overall. There’s also a good table, which allows working over the clouds.

While there is not a lot of storage room, the seat pocket is at least big enough to store a couple of items like a laptop, magazines and headphones.

Catering in the Emirates Economy Class

This part of my Emirates Economy Class review might not be totally accurate due to only flying a three hour route. Nevertheless, I’d say that the catering in the Emirates Economy Class is quite good.

Emirates Economy Class Boeing 777 Catering

Catering in the Emirates Economy Class

For the fairly short hop from Malta to Cyprus, Emirates served a solid cold snack consisting of cold cuts, cheeses, veggies and some pasta salad. The tray also had a plain bread roll, some fruits, a piece of cake, a chocolate and some water on it.

In addition you can choose any alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink of your choice. Getting two drinks at the same time was no problem. The food as such in the Emirates Economy Class was nothing special, but tasted quite good. I was also pleasantly surprised that there was a menu explaining the food on the tray.

Emirates Economy Class Boeing 777 Menu


The only minor point of criticism in terms of catering in the Emirates Economy Class is the lack of a second offering of drinks.

Entertainment in the Emirates Economy Class

Emirates is known for great entertainment and I can just agree on this point. While I don’t like the Wi-Fi, which is free for everyone (for the first few MB, after that there’s a charge of 1 US-Dollar) and thus extremely slow and hardly usable, the entertainment system is just great.

Emirates Economy Class Boeing 777 Entertainment

The entertainment system of Emirates is amazing

There’s a brillant choice of movies, tv channels, music, shows, audio channels and much more. Plus, the entertainment screen is big, has a good resolution and is very responsive.

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I’ve flown a lot of airlines in all classes, but none beats Emirates when it comes to entertainment. I must say that I was also impressed by the headphones offered in the Emirates Economy Class.

While not high quality, they were noise-cancelling and even better than many headphones I enjoyed in Business Class. Good job Emirates!

Bottom line Emirates Economy Class

When things are hyped, I’m usually a little careful. It’s unusual that I don’t find something worth criticizing. Yet, in case of the Emirates Economy Class, I was actually highly satisfied. Sure, the differences to other airlines are not very big, but I see why people prefer Emirates.

Emirates Economy Class Boeing 777 Map

Emirates is definitely a good choice

The entertainment system is brilliant, the catering is good for Economy Class and the seats are fairly comfortable. The only minor issue I have with the Emirates Economy Class is that the service didn’t feel especially warm. Nevertheless, I’d recommend the Emirates Economy in a heartbeat!

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