Special: Nugget Point

Nugget Point, is a scenic view point on the Southern Scenic Route between Dunedin and Queenstown. It is located at the Caitlins Coast just a short drive away from Kaka Point. Due to the gravel road that leads to the parking lot it is a rather bumpy ride to get there, which is, however, worth the effort.

The Nugget Point is probably one of the most prominent sights on this route and pictured by many people travelling along the Southern Scenic Route. At the very end of the cliffs, there is the Nugget Point Lighthouse. From the parking lot you can reach it after a short ten to fifteen minute walk. The area around the Nugget Point is most famously known for its wildlife. Seals, penguins, seabirds and others can be often found here. While we weren’t lucky enough to encounter any penguins, we spotted a few seals.

Southern Scenic Route Nugget Point Sealions

Little seal – difficult to spot

The white lighthouse at Nugget Point was built in 1870 as the rocky coastline proved to be dangerous to vessels traveling along there. Since 1989 it is automatically controlled by Maritime New Zealand.

Nugget Point received its name because of the many little islets surrounding its tip, which are also referred to as nuggets.

From the lower one of the two car parks you can easily walk to Roaring Bay. This is the place to be to observe the yellow-eyed penguins living here. However, if you are really keen on seeing the penguins you should check out online at which times they are most likely to be seen there.


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