City Guide: Windsor and Eton

For a little Valentine’s getaway, Moritz had decided to take me see the Windsor Castle. While the castle itself is really beautiful, and you will get to see that in a special post about the castle, Windsor and the neighbouring Eton are also worth a little stroll. The Windsor Castle is unsurprisingly the tourist magnet, but Windsor and Eton both come with a unique high street. So in this City Guide I will give you a brief overview of our little walk and show you some of the pictures we have taken.

Exploring Windsor

Windsor is definitely the more touristic place as this is where hotels are located as well as the Royal Shopping Mall. Right by the Shopping Mall you can also find the ‘train station’.

Windsor Train Station

Train Station

I would not really call it that, because it basically just has one track. We started off our little walk from our hotel, the Windsor Castle Hotel.

Windsor Castle Hotel

Castle Hotel

Across the street you can find the Windsor Parish Church, which in contrast to the Castle you can see in the background is nothing special.

We then took a turn towards the Bachelor’s Acre, a small green spot in the town. From there onwards, we walked to the Royal Shopping Mall.

On our way to Eton, we passed the Windsor Theatre Royal and crossed the Thames.

Strolling through Eton

In Eton we basically just walked along the High Street towards Eton College. While houses and small shops had quite some charm, Eton itself was very empty when we went there in the late afternoon.

In comparison, Windsor is much livelier, but obviously also overrun by tourists which I always find quite strenuous. I imagine walking along the Thamses starting from Eton would also be a very relaxed way of enjoying the area around the Windsor Castle.

Our overall impression of Windsor and Eton

Overall I would say that the most obvious sight in this area is obviously the Windsor Castle, but strolling around in the nearby towns is also a lovely way to round up a trip to the Windsor Castle.

Especially Eton seems to be a very peaceful place, with a few nice restaurants and cafes.

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