Hotel Review: Hilton Ankara

The Hilton Ankara (officially firming under HiltonSA Ankara) is the only city center property by Hilton in the Turkish capital. While the location is great for business, it’s sub-par for sightseeing. Nevertheless, you’ll see in this review that Hilton Ankara is a decent choice for staying in Ankara.

The only real option to get to Hilton Ankara is a taxi from the airport as there is hardly any convenient public transportation to the diplomatic quarter, where the HiltonSA Ankara is located. The taxi prices are relatively high due to the distance from the airport. Upon arriving at the hotel, I was helped with my luggage and proceeded to check-in. The whole process was quite friendly and efficient even though the hotel was not able to accommodate my request for a refurbished room. Nevertheless, I was upgraded to a Junior Suite on behalf of Hilton Diamond Status.

Junior Suite at Hilton Ankara

The Junior Suite was located on one of the lower floors, which is a little sad as you can enjoy great views from the top. The room as such was located on a corner of the building and thus was totally quiet all times.

Hilton Ankara Junior Suite

My Junior Suite was located on a lower floor and thus didn’t offer much of a view

Upon entering, there’s a guest bathroom to the left and the living room straight ahead. There are two armchairs and a sofa arranged around a coffee table. The seating faces a flat-screen television.

Hilton Ankara Junior Suite

Living Room of the Junior Suite

The bedroom is detached from the living room by a short corridor, where you can also find the master bathroom. The bedroom looked like the typical hotel room and had a King Bed, an armchair with an ottoman as well as a working desk with an ergonomic leather chair.

Hilton Ankara Junior Suite

Bedroom of the Junior Suite

On the big desk, there was also a second flat screen television. Both rooms of the Junior Suite had a large window facing the neighborhood. I’d say that the Junior Suites at Hilton Ankara are quite nice overall.

While the design is not the newest anymore, everything was clean and in a decent condition.

However, I’d recommend asking for a refurbished room as the Hilton Ankara started renovating several months ago and thus already some newly designed rooms and suites are available.

Bathroom of the Junior Suite

My major complaint about the Junior Suite at Hilton Ankara and the traditional design in particular is the master bathroom.

Hilton Ankara Junior Suite

“Master” Bathroom of the Junior Suite

It’s not only small, but it also just features a shower-tub combo with a shower curtain. That’s basically the set-up I hate the most as it’s everything but convenient. The shower head is decent, but nothing special.

Plus, the bathroom really looks like it’s a couple of years past it’s prime. The second smaller bathroom looks identical, but doesn’t come with a shower/tub.

Executive Lounge at Hilton Ankara

As most Hilton properties in Asia, the Hilton Ankara comes with an Executive Lounge. This one is located on the top floor and thus offers brilliant views of the city from nearly all areas.

Hilton Ankara Excecutive Lounge View

The views from the Executive Lounge are amazing

The lounge is L shaped and stretches along the window front. There are a couple of different seating arrangements from dining tables by the buffet to more traditional lounge seating as well as sofas to the back of the lounge.

Hilton Ankara Executive Lounge

The lounge comes with a very nice design

You’ll see in the lounge of the HiltonSA Ankara that renovations already started. Everything looks brand new and comes with a very nice design.

While I loved the lounge physically, the food & beverage offerings were rather disappointing. During the day, there are just chips and fruits, while the evening selection consists of several cold appetizers alongside one or two hot options in very small bowls.

While decent quality-wise, the choice of options was relatively bad.

Breakfast at Hilton Ankara

The lounge offerings for breakfast at Hilton Ankara are rather limited as well.

Hilton Ankara Breakfast

The lounge offers a limited breakfast spread

Due to that, I chose to have breakfast in the restaurant, which is located on the first floor. The breakfast spread there is quite extensive, with a fresh juice station at the entrance and a buffet with dozens of cold and a couple of warm options.

Hilton Ankara Breakfast

The breakfast spread in the restaurant is very extensive

I especially appreciated that the Hilton Ankara offers several Turkish delights for breakfast. Local touches are always a good thing. I’d also say that the quality of everything was very high.

The only disappointment was the service, which was very bad. Not only did I need to chase down a server several times to get a coffee, but also got the wrong one in the end. I also didn’t see an option to order any hot options from the kitchen.

Pool & Gym at Hilton Ankara

Hilton Ankara is a proper full service hotel. That basically means that you can enjoy extensive relaxation facilities at the hotel. There’s a fully equipped gym with three rooms.

There’s enough equipment for proper cardio and strength training and even a large gymnastics area. While the equipment isn’t the most modern, it’s still in a decent shape. In addition to the gym, there’s a large pool. However, you may also access this one with a bathing cap.

Hilton Ankara Pool

The pool at Hilton Ankara is great for swimming laps

If you don’t have one, you need to buy one right by the pool (5 Euro / US-Dollar). The pool as such is rather cold, but very nice for swimming laps.

Next to the pool, there are several loungers as well as a spacious (and warm) jacuzzi.

 Bottom line Hilton Ankara

While my service experience at Hilton Ankara was sort-of ambigous (from the great check-in to the horrible breakfast), everything else was just fine. The Junior Suite was spacious and comfortable. Yet, I’d still prefer one of the refurbished rooms. The breakfast spread is very good and only lacks hot options for order. The Executive Lounge of Hilton Ankara is a physcially stunning place, but lacks decent food offerings. Another aspect worth mentioning is the great relaxtion area with a gym and a pool. All in all, I’d recommend staying at Hilton Ankara if you need a hotel in the diplomatic quarter. For touristic purposes, I’d rather book a hotel in the old town.

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