Lounge Review: Qantas Club Melbourne

The Qantas Club Melbourne is one of two Qantas domestic lounges at Melbourne Airport. In this review I’ll show you what you can expect of the Qantas Club!

If you are flying Qantas from Melbourne, the Qantas Club is a great option to spend some time before boarding. The lounge is located approximately five minutes away from security and can be easily found by following the signage. Access is granted to everyone holding a Qantas Club Membership as well as those flying Business Class or holding a oneworld Sapphire or Emerald tier. Emerald members and Business Class guests may also enjoy the Qantas Business Class Lounge Melbourne, which I’ll review later.

Seating in the Qantas Club Melbourne

The Qantas Club Melbourne comes with several seating arrangements. As this particular club is very big, you’ll need some time to find your way.

Qantas Club Melbourne Seating

There are tons of different seating options in the Qantas Club Melbourne

To get an idea of how big the Qantas Club is: There’s even a shop selling books and other travel essentials inside the lounge. That said, you’ll find several areas with armchairs and other typical lounge seating near the entrance and following along the amazing window front facing the tarmac.

Further to the back of the lounge, you can find the buffet, which is surrounded by several dining tables. On the other side of the buffet, there is some more traditional lounge seating. Additionally, you can find the business center and other work areas in this part of the Qantas Club Melbourne.

While I wouldn’t say that the club’s design is stunning or anything, it’s fairly modern and the atmosphere is quite good, mainly due to the large floor-to-ceiling windows. All in all, a good place to spend some time prior boarding.

Buffet of the Qantas Club Melbourne

With the distinction between the Qantas Club and the Qantas Business Lounge, I actually expected the food offerings in the club to be on the level of a typical American Airlines Admirals Club.

Qantas Club Melbourne Buffet

The buffet is way superior to what is offered in US lounges

To my surprise, I was totally wrong. While not great by any stretch of imagination, there is actually a decent snack buffet in the Qantas Club Melbourne. There are whole fruits, a soup bar with different breads, a selection of cheeses, cold cuts and veggies as well as three sandwich makers.

You can also find typical lounge snacks like nachos or chips, but also popcorn. Soft drinks and water are available in fridges, while alcoholic drinks and coffee specialties can be ordered at the bar.

Entertainment in the Qantas Club Melbourne

The Qantas Club Melbourne naturally comes with lots of entertainment options due to its size. You may either spend some time at the shop or just admire airplanes on the tarmac.

Qantas Club Melbourne Shop

Shop in the Qantas Club Melbourne

When it comes to more traditional entertainment, there are several magazines and newspapers available at different stations in the lounge. As I’ve already mentioned, there’s also a business center.

Qantas Club Melbourne Magazines


There you can find work spaces with and without computers as well as a printer. In addition, there’s Wi-Fi throughout the lounge.

The speed was quite good and connecting easy, so there’s not bad to say about the Qantas Club Melbourne when it comes to the entertainment options.

Bottom line Qantas Club Melbourne

I’d say that the Qantas Club Melbourne is a very nice place to spend time prior departure. The lounge is very bright and offers an amazing view of the tarmac. There is plenty of different seating and a decent buffet with several snack options. You can also find a well equipped business center and several other entertainment options. All in all, a good lounge, which is pretty much on-par with the Qantas Business Lounge Melbourne, which I’ll review later.

Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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