Running in Sydney

Running in Sydney was an amazing experience, mainly due to the great weather and the brilliant views. While I’d recommend checking out my city guide for more information about sightseeing and so on, this running guide will give you a great idea on where to do sports in Sydney!

I started my run in Sydney at InterContinental Sydney, which I’d say is a stunning place to stay.

Running in Sydney

Map of running in Sydney (tracked by Runtastic)

From there, you are in the Royal Botanic Gardens in a few steps.

  • Distance: 5.5 kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 100 meters
  • Calories burned: 300-350
  • Month: August
  • Weather: Sunny

That’s especially great as this might be the most amazing area for doing sports in Sydney.

I decided to start in the Rose Garden & Pavillion Area, where you can also spot a picture of the beautiful State Library of New South Wales.

Beautiful flowers and lovely pathways

The Rose Gardens really are an amazing area to go running or even just go for a walk. There are several different pathways through the gardens, all full of beautiful and colorful flowers on both sides.

If you are not running in the area, you might also walk into one of the several buildings including the Palm House and Latitude 23 Glashouse, where you can spot even more beautiful flowers.

Running in Sydney

It’s just a quick run from the Botanical Garden to the waterfront

If you keep on going in the direction of the water, you’ll soon pass a little street before getting to one of the maybe nicest pathways for running I’ve ever seen in the city. For more than one kilometer, you can run along the bay right by the water with views of two enormous warships.

Especially combined with the beautiful weather, that path was just graet, but I’m sure it’s an amazing place for running at any given time!

Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and stunning views

When running in this area, you may just follow the path right along the bay as you’ll reach Mrs Macquarie’s Chair eventually.

Running in Sydney

The landmark itself isn’t very special

I’ve written about this spot in more detail in my city guide, but it’s worth noting here that this might be one of the points in Sydney, which offers the best views of the city.

Running in Sydney

The views at the same time are just stunning

Well, if you running in this area, you might enjoy the brilliant view of the city, the Opera House and even the Harbour Bridge in the distance for quite somre more time. I’ve already spoken about the great path along the bay.

Let me tell you: it even gets better on this side of the bay as you’ll have a view of the skyscrapes as well as Sydney’s landmarks. Hard to beat.

The Opera House and cruise ships

The path actually leads from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair right to the Sydney Opera House. You might also walk this path as it’s just a mere two kilometers between the two landmarks.

The views alone make it worth walking along the bay. As soon as you’ll arrive at the Opera House, you’ll be able to enjoy some special views of the Opera House, which indeed comes with a unique architecture.

Running in Sydney

You can also spot the Harbour Bridge here

As soon as you’re done admiring, you can run back into the city center either via the Circular Quay, where you can spot ultra-large cruise ships and some historic buildings or by turning around and taking another beautiful path through the Botanical Garden.

Either way, you’ll enjoy running in Sydney to the utmost!


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