Hotel Review: Eichardt’s Private Hotel Queenstown

Eichardt’s Private Hotel Queenstown was the hotel highlight of my tour through Australia and New Zealand. The boutique hotel is just classy in every regard. Read why in my extensive hotel review!

Queenstown has a lot of great hotels, but there’s no other than Eichardt’s Private Hotel Queenstown. It’s worth noting that the daily rates for the property are insane.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Lake View Suites
  • Month of Stay: September

Luckily, I snapped a free night via The Club by Small Luxury Hotels. Nevertheless, Eichardt’s might be well worth the money even though there are not that many facilities to write about.

Eichardt's Private Hotel Queenstown Exterior

First of all, the location of the property couldn’t be better as you can find the property right by the waterfront in Queenstown.

The check-in was a little weird so as it took two minutes for a “host” to show up and guide us to our room as there is no reception per se (which is also due renovations going on right now).

Suite at Eichardt’s Private Hotel Queenstown

Eichardt’s is actually that small that there is just a handful of suites. We were lucky enough to get one with frontal sea view, which was just phenomenal.

I’m not solely speaking about the view right now even though that was truly great. Upon entering the door, you find yourself in the living room.

Eichardt's Private Hotel Queenstown Lake View Suite View

Living Room of the Lake View Suite

There’s a nice antique working desk with a chair as well as a comfortable seating area with a couch and two armchairs arranged around a coffee table and a large electronic fire place. Further to the back of the room, there’s also another small table with two chairs, where some fruits and nuts awaited us.

What made the living room so great wasn’t it’s size, but rather how cozy it felt. The “bedroom” of our Suite at Eichardt’s Private Hotel Queenstown was not seperated from the living room, but rather in its back (away from the windows).

Eichardt's Private Hotel Queenstown Lake View Suite

Bedroom of the Lake View Suite

It is acutally elevated and thus feels like a different room. Next to the very comfortable and enormously spacious and soft bed, there are two bedside tables.

To the left, you can also find an armchair and a drawer. Again, the room just felt extremely cozy (did you spot the fur?).

Behind the room, there is a walk-in wardrobe, where you can also find the complimentary (only non-alcoholic) and very well stocked minibar.

Bathroom of the Suite

Right next to the walk-in wardrobe, you’ll find the bathroom. This one came with a lovely little skylight and thus felt bright at most times.

Eichardt's Private Hotel Queenstown Lake View Suite Bathroom

Bathroom of the Lake View Suite

The bathroom is very spacious as well as and does the luxury status of the Eichardt’s Private Hotel Queenstown all honors. There are two totally seperated sinks with lots of storage space and tons of amenities (what’s not to love about Molton Brown?).

To the right of the bathroom, there are a seperated shower with a rain shower head and a handheld device (great water pressure) as well as the toilet.

To the left of the bathroom, there’s a large bathtub. Right next to the bathtub futher special amenities were waiting for us. Wow.

Wine Reception & Room Service Dinner at Eichardt’s Private Hotel

Eichardt’s Private Hotel Queenstown is a really unique hotel in several regards. The public areas pretty much consist of one room (there is neither a gym nor a pool), where all guests may meet in the evening for a one-hour long complimentary wine reception.

Eichardt's Private Hotel Queenstown Room Service

Room Service at Eichardt’s is well worth the money

We were with two other couples, who were truly charming. In addition, the hosts joined us for the talk and had a glass of wine. This really didn’t feel like a normal hotel experience. Plus, the wine was actually great and there were plenty of refills. After the nice wine reception, we decided to order room service. There is a rather limited menu with mainly tapas.

For us, that was totally fine and we ordered a little bit accross the board. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves and will leave you with just one comment: Great!

Breakfast at Eichardt’s Private Hotel Queenstown

If there’s one area where the Eichardt’s doesn’t shine, it’s breakfast. You may have it in your room or in the little bar / restaurant downstairs. There are several options available on the menu, but I didn’t really find most of those appealing. However, our server was extremely charming and made us feel very welcome.

The two options were ordered were quite good as well, so there’s nothing bad to say. While I’m a huge fan of à la carte breakfast, I’d actually like a little bigger menu or more usual options (most on the menu were a little too “fancy” for my taste).

Overall impression of Eichardt’s Private Hotel Queenstown

It’s worth noting that the staff at the Eichardt’s is phenomenal and can give you tons of helpful tips, helps you arrange tours and makes pretty much everything you like happen. Yet, the staff is just one of the great things about Eichardt’s Private Hotel Queenstown. While I wouldn’t see myself pay the usual rates, the property really makes you feel welcome.

Eichardt's Private Hotel Queenstown Bathrobes

Staying at Eichardt’s is cozy in every regard

You’ll enjoy an incredible suite, which couldn’t be cozier, great food (definitely try the tapas) and amazing staff, which can make every wish come true. The limited facilities might be a downside, but I’d still love to spend one or two more nights at the Eichardt’s when returning to Queenstown someday!

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