Special: Windsor Castle

For Valentine’s day this year, Moritz and I decided to explore Windsor Castle. The residence of the royal family has a long history and consists of a fortification, the palace itself, staff houses as well as a chapel. As such there is quite a lot to explore at the castle.

You can find more information for planning your visit at Windsor Castle here. Student tickets are available, but the discount is only marginal in comparison to the full price.

When we bought our tickets we were lucky that there was only a very short queue so it did not take very long to enter. After going through a little security check, we received our audio guides, which are available in various languages. These can guide you through the whole area or you just simply take your own route. You can orientate yourself with the help of the Round Tower which is situated in the centre of the fortification.

Saint George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle

Saint George’s Chapel was built in the late fifteenth century and provides a spiritual home for the Order of the Knights of the Garter. It represents a Gothic design. Next to the Chapel you can find the lodging for the knights, which is a bit shielded from the public.

Semi-State Rooms

The Semi-State Rooms are only open during winter season, as the Queens uses these rooms, which used to be George IV’s private apartments, for official engagements. The rooms were severely damage by a fire in 1992, but has since been restored to its original state.

Windsor Castle Semi-State Rooms

Windsor Castle Semi-State Rooms

Queen Mary’s Dollhouse

Visiting Queen Mary’s Dollhouse was my favourite part of the Windsor Castle, because I loved the richness in detail you could observe in this doll house. It was built for Queen Mary between 1921 and 1924 and is among the largest and most widely known dolls houses around the world. Many famous artists, designers and craftsmen have worked on creating this aristocratic replica. This is a definite must see for everyone!

Our overall impression of Windsor Castle

Overall we both really enjoyed visiting the Castle. Having studied in England for the last three years and followed the British Royal family, it was very fascinating to catch a glimpse into the royal residence. While the exterior of the castle isn’t as striking as that of for example Buckingham Palace, it’s interior is quite stunning. Moreover, I really liked the homely and cosy feeling that is created by having this town-like character with streets and pathways within the fortification. So if you are looking for a day trip away from London, make sure to check out the Windsor Castle!


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