Transportation in Auckland

If you are travelling to Auckland, you’ll surely want to know how Transportation in Auckland works. In this guide, you’ll find all the necessary information about trains, ferries and buses in Auckland!

Due to its history, Auckland doesn’t come with a very good public transportation system. In the 1960’s the tram network was abandoned in-lieu of a bus network. This lead to a huge decrease in public transportation usage. Till today, the train networks of Auckland are not exactly developed.

There are a couple of suburban trains in Auckland, but no metro

There is neither a tram nor a metro. Yet, there are a couple of suburban trains departing from Britomart station. However, neither of these train lines helps you to get around in the city center of Auckland.

Buses in Auckland

The backbone of transportation in Auckland are buses. Basically, there are three different types of buses:

  • CityLink Buses (operating in the City Centre)
  • InnerLink Buses (operating in the Inner City)
  • OuterLink Buses (operating in the Inner Suburbs)

The CityLink Buses are operating from Wynyard Quarter via Britomart (connection to the InnerLink) and the city center to Karangahape Road (conncetion to the InnerLink). The InnerLink operates in two directions of a circle, while the OuterLink operates in just one direction in a circle.

Buses are the backbone of public transportation in Auckland

In addition to these three special bus lines, there are several further lines operated by different companies. Yet, you can use the same ticket for all of these buses. There is also a bus connceting Auckland Airport with the city centre all year long for a very affordable fare. More infomation on the airport bus can be found here.

Ferries in Auckland

In addition to buses, ferries are an important means of transportation in Auckland. There are five different companies operating ferries in Auckland, with Fullers being the most important operator. You can take ferry services to several suburbs and islands around Auckland.

Auckland Ferry

Ferries make it easy to explore the islands around Auckland

The most important ferry lines connect Auckland with places in the North Shore. Yet, you can also take ferries to several islands, which are well worth visiting. As you can read in our city guide, we visited Devonport and loved it!

Taxis in Auckland

When it comes to transportation in Auckland, taxis play a crucial role. Besides normal taxi services, you can also use Uber in Auckland. The service is a little cheaper than taxis, but is not as comfortable as most taxis in Auckland. The pricing for taxis in the city is quite straightforward.

Auckland Taxi

Taxis in Auckland are very comfortable, but expensive

The boarding fee and the kilometer fare is 3 NZD (~ 1.90 Euro / 2.10 US-Dollar). Taxis from the airport to the city center and the other way round cost approximately 60 to 80 NZD.

Other means of transportation in Auckland

There are rarely any other means of transportation in Auckland. Yet, the so-called Explorer Bus offers a hop-on-hop-off experience in the biggest city in New Zealand. While the city itself is quite walkable, the Explorer Bus might be a good option to see one or another spot outside the city center.

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