Lounge Review: Club La Valette Malta

Club La Valette Malta is the name of the only airport lounge on the whole island (and in the whole country). This is hardly surprising taking into account how small the Luqa Airport in particular and Malta in general are. Learn in this review what to expect of the Club La Valette Malta!

Before departing with Emirates to Cyprus, we decided to check out the Club La Valette Malta. In this case we made use of Priority Pass to access the lounge. Yet, you can also access the lounge by either purchasing access at the door, flying business class or holding a certain frequent flyer status with the airline you are flying with. The Club La Valette Malta is located after security and quite close to the gates. Thus, you’ll have easy access to your boarding gate without any hussle.

Seating at Club La Valette Malta

To my surprise, the Club La Valette Malta is actually quite spacious. Upon entering, you’ll find yourself at the open reception, where your boarding pass is scanned. The lounge itself comes with several seating areas in one big room.

Club La Valette Malta Seating

There are several different seating areas at the Club La Valette Malta

There are no real partions between the areas, but there is some privacy in the two corners of the lounge. Close to the reception, in the middle of the room, is some traditional lounge seating with armchairs and coffee tables. Further to the left of the lounge, you can find several couches and the business center to the very end.

If you walk straigh after entering the lounge, you’ll see the buffet to the right and find some dining tables. In the very back of the lounge in the right corner, there are also some especially comfortable armchairs to relax in.

Club La Valette Malta Washrooms

The lounge also offers private washrooms

Next to those, you can also find some tablets, which you can use for browsing the internet. While the lounge doesn’t look especially beautiful, the design is relatively modern and the whole lounge is in a decent condition.

Club La Valette Malta Seating

The views are not especially nice

The Club La Valette Malta also feels quite airy due to the large windows. At the same time, the view is not particularly interesting.

Buffet of the Club La Valette Malta

The buffet of the Club La Valette Malta is hardly inspiring. Yet, the options available were better than what many other third-party lounges offer.

Club La Valette Malta Buffet

Buffet of the Club La Valette Malta

Among the snack offerings are the traditional lounge snacks like chips and nuts, but also more substantial options like wraps and even some hot savoury pastries.

In addition, you can find cold cuts, cheeses and bread with some sort-of salsa on the buffet. The drink selection consists of juices (not frehsly squeezed), soft drinks, wine, beer and a large selection of spirits.

Club La Valette Malta Buffet

The drink selection at the Club La Valette Malta is quite good

There’s also a coffee machine. Yet, the coffee isn’t especially great.

Entertainment at the Club La Valette Malta

The entertainment options at the Club La Valette Malta are surprisingly decent. There are not only tablets and a business center, but also good Wi-Fi throughout the lounge.

Club La Valette Malta Business Center

Business Center of the Club La Valette Malta

While there are also newspapers and magazines, those are mainly regional.

Bottom line Club La Valette Malta

My expectations of the Club La Valette Malta got exceeded. While the lounge isn’t very inspiring in any regard, the offerings are decent. There is comfortable seating in a nice and airy atmosphere. Plus, the buffet offers some good snack options and the Wi-Fi is fast. That’s all you can ask for at a typical third-party lounge. While I wouldn’t bother paying to enter the lounge, it’s a nice place to hang out if you enjoy access anyways.


Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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