Airport Guide: Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW)

Dallas Fort Worth Airport, often referred to as DFW Airport, is one of the biggest airports in the United States and a major hub for American Airlines. With this guide, we want to help you get around the airport a little easier!

With more than 65 million passengers a year, Dallas Forth Worth Airport is not only of the biggest airports in the United States, but in the whole world.

American Airlines

American Airlines dominates the market at Dallas Fort Worth Airport

The major hub for American Airlines is totally dominated by the largest carrier in the United States. Other airlines offering more than half a dozen routes from Dallas Forth Worth are Delta, Spirit and United Airlines.

Shopping and dining at Dallas Fort Worth Airport

Due to its enormous size, the DFW Airport offers lots of shops and dining facilities. You can find a substantial amount of different shops in all five terminals of Dallas Fort Worth Airport. While DFW Airport isn’t a luxurious shopping hub, there are press shops, souvenir shops and several more shops focusing on daily needs.

Shopping Dallas (DFW) Airport

There are plenty of shopping and dining options at DFW Airport

In addition, you can find more than a dozen food options in each terminal of Dallas Forth Worth Airport. While the focus definitely is on fast food chains and other places to grab a small bite, you can also find a couple of restaurants throughout the airport.

Sleeping at Dallas Fort Worth Airport

As it is the norm for US Airports, there are several hotels in the immediate area of Dallas Fort Worth Airport. The Grand Hyatt DFW and the Hyatt Regency DFW are directly connected to the airport, while there are plenty of other options, which are connected to the airport by frequent shuttle buses.

Hyatt Regency DFW Standard Room

The Hyatt Regency DFW is a good option for an overnight stay

You can find hotels of all major chains in the immediate area, ranging from very basic hotels to luxurious options.

Lounges at Dallas Forth Worth Airport

Dallas Forth Worth Airport comes with plenty of airline lounges. All terminals (with the exception of Terminal E) come with at least one American Airlines Admirals Club. In addition, the Admirals Club Dallas D offers the so-called Flagship Dining for First Class passengers.

AA Admirals Club DFW Seating

The Admirals Club Dallas D is one of the biggest lounges in the US

If you are flying with United or Delta, you may make use of the United Club or the Delta Sky Club, both located in Terminal E. Additional lounges include The Club at DFW and an American Express Centurion Lounge. Interestingly, Emirates offers it’s very own lounge inside The Club at DFW.

Overview of all lounges at Dallas Fort Worth Airport:

  • Delta Sky Clubs (Terminal E): ST frequent flyer / Business and First Class
  • United Club (Terminal E): *A frequent flyer / Business and First Class
  • AA Admirals Club (Terminals A,B,C,D): OW frequent flyer / Business and First Class
  • AA Flagship Dining (Terminal D): OW First Class
  • Emirates Lounge (Terminal D): EK frequent flyer / Business and First Class
  • The Club at DFW (Terminal D): $, Priority Pass, other lounge memberships, various airlines

Transportation at Dallas Forth Worth Airport

Dallas Fort Worth Airport has a highly developed transportation system. The so-called People Mover connects all terminals airside every two minutes, while the Terminal Link buses connect the terminal landside. While you can surely take a taxi or an Uber to Dallas or Fort Worth, prices for this are rather high. If you are okay with public transportation, you basically have two options.

Railway Express Dallas (DFW) Airport

The Trinity Railway Express is a good way to get to Dallas

The Trinity Railway Express (connecting Dallas and Fort Worth) has a stop close to the airport, which you can reach by boarding a shuttle bus. The other option is the DART stop between Terminals A & B, which also offers access to the city by train.


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