Hotel Review: DoubleTree Bristol City Centre

The DoubleTree Bristol City Centre is one of several options in the British city. As there is no ‘proper’ Hilton in the city, the DoubleTree is the most ‘luxurious’ option. In this review, I’ll explain what you can expect of staying here.

The DoubleTree in Bristol is located between the central station and the city center. There is not much around, but you can reach the interesting areas with a five to ten minute walk.

  • Classification: Four Stars
  • Room Category: Queen Room with View
  • Month of Stay: Oktober

The building is rather ugly from the outside and the lobby and bar lack daylight and atmosphere.

DoubleTree Bristol

Yet, the check-in was friendly and prompt. As a Hilton Honors Diamond Member, I was offered an upgrade to a room with a view. In addition, the typical DoubleTree cookies were offered upon check-in.

Definitely one of the nicest features of the brand!

Queen Room at DoubleTree Bristol City Centre

The room we were assigned featured a Queen Bed, but was rather small besides that. I’d say that it was not substantially larger than the room at the Hilton Garden Inn Birmingham.

Doubletree Bristol Queen Room

Queen Room at the DoubleTree Bristol

While the room was a little dark, the interior was quite nice. The rooms at the DoubleTree Bristol City Centre must have been recently refurbished as they got a fresh look.

The small room is equipped with a comfortable Queen Bed facing a flat screen television and the working desk. Then there is a nice little daybed by the window with a coffee table next to it.

Doubletree Bristol Queen Room

Complimentary bottles of water & cookies

The minibar is located in the working desk, which is right below the television and sadly, doesn’t come with a proper office chair.

Doubletree Bristol Queen Room View

View from the Queen Room

While I liked the interior, I found the room at the DoubleTree Bristol just too small. In a DoubleTree I’d expect a little more.

Bathroom of the Queen Room

The lack of space can also be easily seen in the bathroom, which must be a mere three to four square meters.

Doubletree Bristol Queen Room Bathroom

Bathroom of the Queen Room

Upon entering, you immediately face the toilet, while the sink with some storage space is on the left. On a positive side: There is no bathtub, but rather a fairly spacious walk-in shower with good pressure.

While too small, the DoubleTree Bristol made the most of the available space.

Gym at the DoubleTree Bristol City Centre

The DoubleTree Bristol offers no pool or Spa, but a decently sized gym. The gym is actually so big that it looks rather empty with just a couple of treadmills, a few more cardio machines and some free weights with a bench.

There are also towels and water available at anytime. While the equipment is absolutely fine and I had a good work out, I’d hope that the air-con is turned off from time to time as it was just freezing when I was there.

Room Service Dinner at the DoubleTree Bristol

As we were lazy in the evening, we decided to just have a room service dinner. Both, the hamburger and the nachos were good and had a nice size. However, the whole billing process was a shame for the hotel. I’m a Hilton Diamond Member, but Anna wasn’t allowed to order anything without prepayment. Why?


Because the hotel thought it didn’t have a credit card authorization (which they had as I accepted it while checking-in online). Thus, I had to leave the gym, authorize my credit card at the front desk… and finally we were allowed to order. That’s exactly how customer service should NOT work.

Breakfast at the DoubleTree Bristol City Centre

Speaking of bad customer service: Welcome to breakfast. We arrived approximately 20 minutes before the closing of the breakfast. Instead of being welcomed friendly, we were asked to hurry (that’s a first for me in terms of customer service).

Doubletree Bristol Breakfast

The atmosphere at breakfast was horrible

While we were there, the staff did everything to make us feel not welcome… cleaning, hoovering, having loud conversations. The breakfast as such wasn’t especially great either. The DoubleTree Bristol City Centre offers a selection of fruits, cold cuts, cheeses, pastries, veggies, muelis and juices.

Hot options from the kitchen are not available and the bread selection was more than lackluster. There’s defintiely room for improvement.

Summing up my review of the DoubleTree Bristol

All in all, my stay at the DoubleTree Bristol wasn’t any bad. The hotel has a decent, not great location, nicely furnished, but too small rooms, and a good gym. Sadly, the service was a disaster at breakfast and with the room service order.

Doubletree Bristol Welcome Drink

This sort-of leaves me with a bitter taste and most likely doesn’t make me come back. It is not that the DoubleTree Bristol City Centre would be a bad hotel, but there are some things in terms of the customer service that need to be tackled.

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