Running in Cairo

Running in Cairo? He must be insane. That’s what you might think when reading this post. However, as I’m running pretty much anywhere the planet, I thought it couldn’t be such a bad idea in Cairo. Well, it was quite some fun, even though pretty much everyone looked at me weirdly!

If you are a regular follower of traveluxblog, you are well aware of my Running series. I’m actually running all around the planet to discover cities in a very special way.

  • Distance: 6 kilometers
  • Jogged altitude: 100 meters
  • Calories burned: 350-400
  • Month: December
  • Weather: Sunny

While there are cities where running is really difficult due to the temperature, the traffic or something else, I’m giving it a try everywhere, where it might at least a ‘little’ possible.

Map of Running in Cairo

Map of Running in Cairo (Tracked by Runtastic / manually added)

That’s why I decided to also do it in Cairo and well it wasn’t too bad! So get on board and enjoy the special adventure.

High temperatures and pollution

Running in Cairo is quite complicated due to many factores. One surely is the horrible traffic, the others are the usually high temperatures and the pollution.

Running in Cairo

The traffic is a problem when running in Cairo

On the morning I went running, the temperature wans’t too bad (it was winter after all) and the pollution didn’t seem bad at first. However, running more than five kilometers really gets strenous as the oxygen is not especially rich.

Running in Cairo

The pollution is something to be aware of as well

You might also see some smog on some of the pictures in this running guide. All that said, there are also positve aspects about running in Cairo. I started my run at the Conrad Cairo and ‘escaped’ the hustle of big streets after crossing the Nil.

Running in Cairo

The Conrad Cairo is located right by the river

On the Eastern Side of the river, you can find the Embassy Quarter, which might be the best area for running in Cairo as there is hardly any traffic.

No parks, but streets with trees

You shouldn’t necessarily expect parks when running in Cairo as there is hardly any greenery in the city.

Yet, the embassy quarter is nice in many regards. Not only are the streets in a decent condition (what doesn’t mean that you should look out for potholes), but there are also lots of trees.

That way running rather feels like you are in Europe. On the top of the ‘island’ there’s even sort-of a promenade, where some locals are also doing sports (there’s something like an outdoor gym).

While I followed the outdoor streets on the way to the top of the island, I went back through the ‘middle’, which isn’t a bad area either. On your way, you can even spot some impressive villas, which reminded me a lot of Europe.

Running in Cairo is not for everyone

Let’s be honest: Running in Cairo is not for everyone. If you are not an experienced runner you might be challenged by the pollution, the high temperatures and the horrible traffic.

Even if you are running regularly, the difficulty of running on streets (there are not many pathways) and dodging potholes shouldn’t be estimated. However, if you are a little crazy and just love new experiences, you’ll love running in Cairo. You’ll see the city from a different and unique perspective.

Plus, you’ll learn that Cairo is actually safe and full of friendly people who are wondering what the hell you are doing.


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