Airline Review: Adria Airways Economy Class

Adria Airways is a small regional airline, operating several flights within Europe. While the base of Adria Airways actually is Ljubljana, the airline also got flights from Munich and Frankfurt on behalf of Lufthansa. I had the chance to fly Adria Airways on one of these routes.

I really like small boutique airlines and utterly enjoyed my flights with Luxair and Air Dolomiti, among others. Adria Airways also operates a fleet with just a couple of regional jets.

  • Airplane: Canadair Regionaljet 900
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Morning
  • Food: Drink
  • Seat Pitch: 32 Inch (81 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 18 Inch (46 Centimeter)

I had the chance to give the airline a try on a rather unusual route. The flight from Munich to Olsztyn in Poland sadly was cancelled just a couple of weeks after my flight. Yet, I had a great chance to get an idea of how flying with Adria Airways is like!

Seating in the Adria Airways Economy Class

Despite just operating regional flights, Adria Airways actually offers Economy Class and Business Class on all flights. However, Business is just a blocked seat and a better meal.

Adria Airways Economy Class Seating

Cabin of the Adria Airways CRJ 900

The Adria Airways Economy Class comes with the typical 2-2 layout of regional jets and thus offers quite some comfort. As my flight wasn’t very full, I also had lots of space to stretch out.

Furthermore, the seat pitch in the Adria Airways Economy Class is fairly good and the seats actually feel a little more comfortable than, for example, the slim line seats of Lufthansa.

Adria Airways Economy Class Seat Pitch

Seat Pitch in the Adria Airways Economy Class

The Canadair Regionaljets are also not very loud, when you are sitting in the front rows, making up for a very pleasant flight.

Catering in the Adria Airways Economy Class

While Adria Airways is a boutique airline, there is no free food in Economy Class. The only thing offered for free is water, while everything else is chargeable.

Adria Airways Economy Class Catering

Catering in the Adria Airways Economy Class

The prices are fairly reasonable, but I didn’t need anything but water for the quick ride to Poland.

Entertainment in the Adria Airways Economy Class

To my surprise, the entertainment options in the Adria Airways Economy Class are actually stunning.

Adria Airways Economy Class Entertainment

Magazines and leaflets

There is not only an interesting board magazine, but also a streaming service. What a shame that it didn’t work on this flight, so I couldn’t test it.

Adria Airways Economy Class Seating

Streaming Service in the Adria Airways Economy Class

Nevertheless, I’d say that in terms of entertainment, Adria Airways is leading in the European regional market.

Bottom line Adria Airways Economy Class

While I wouldn’t go out of my way to fly Adria Airways, I found this regional flight to be especially pleasant. The planes are in a good condition and the seating is very comfortable. While food and drinks (besides water) are chargeable, the options look quite nice and reasonably priced. The entertainment options are surprisingly good and the service was friendly. I’d sure recommend flying with Adria Airways.

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