Tallinn: Hilton Park

For our stay in Tallinn, we decided to check out the new Hilton Tallinn Park. While the location isn’t ideal, the hotel is brand new and comes with a stylish equipment. While our One Bedroom Suite had a weird layout, it was quite nice overall. The same can be said about the beautiful Spa, the Executive Lounge and the breakfast. One of the better Hiltons in Europe!

Hilton Tallinn Park One Bedroom Suite Bedroom

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  2. Oh thanks, I was wondering how it is. I remember what was there before… For me it’s a little inconvenient location-wise so wasn’t sure I will try it next time “home” compared to more usual places. But it took way too long for Hilton to open this considering they had moved their call centre to Estonia back in the 1990s!

    • The location isn’t great in fact. Yet, you should be at the big shopping centre with a five-minute walk and the historic centre in like 15 miuntes. That’s not too bad and Tallinn is very walkable. I’d actually recommend staying here if the price is good (below 100 Euro). If not, you might consider other options 🙂

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