Airline Review: bmi regional (Economy)

If you are a regular reader of traveluxblog, you may already have noticed that I’ve got a crush for regional airlines using jets. One good example is bmi regional, an airline I had the chance to fly with twice now. In this review, I’ll help you get an idea of what to expect of your flight!

bmi regional is based in Bristol and operates several frequencies to destinations in Europe, mainly in Germany.

  • Airplane: Embraer 145
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: various
  • Food: Snack
  • Seat Pitch: 32 Inch (81 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 18 Inch (46 Centimeter)

Besides the Bristol flights, bmi regional is also operating a couple of flights from Southampton and a few routes on behalf of Lufthansa (e.g. Munich – Rostock).

bmi regional Embraer 145 Routes

bmi regional Route Map

However, bmi regional is not part of Star Alliance, which means that you can’t accumulate miles or use your status to get benefits. Nevertheless, I truly enjoyed my flights with bmi regional.

Seating in the bmi regional Economy Class

bmi regional offers a 1-2 layout in their very small Embraer 145 jets. Economy Class and Business Class are totally similiar in this configuration as you’d expect. However, Business Class (also named ‘Executive’) is in the front rows, while the rest is Economy.

bmi regional Embraer 145 Cabin

Cabin ob the bmi regional Embraer 145

You may select any open seat at check-in without a fee. While the inteior of the bmi regional Economy Class isn’t the most modern, the seats are fairly comfortable. The old leather seats got a very good padding and thus are nice for seating, especially on shorter flights.

As it’s the norm for small regional jets, the seat pitch isn’t especially amazing, but totally fine for a quick flight.

bmi regional Embraer 145 Seat Pitch

Seat Pitch in the Embraer 145

There is also a big table, which is perfect for working. All my flights with bmi regional were very smooth and I found the noise of the engines to be not a problem at all.

Catering in the bmi regional Economy Class

Flying with bmi regional always feels sort-of down to earth. The service consists of a drink of your choice and a snack that looks like it was bought at a WH Smith prior to departure. Usually, you get a packaged sandwich of a decent quality.

On one of my flights, I was also offered a pretzel bun as it was Oktoberfest during that time of the year. The service usually is quick and friendly. That’s basically all you can ask for on a typical regional flight.

Entertainment in the bmi regional Economy Class

If you are flying domestic or regional in Europe, you’re most likely used to lowering your expectations. When it comes to the bmi regional Economy Class, the only entertainment is the board magazine.

bmi regional Embraer 145 Magazine

bmi regional Board Magazine

There are no newspapers, no further magazines and also no entertainment. In addition, bmi regional also doesn’t offer Wi-Fi. The board magazine is quite interesting though.

Bottom line bmi regional Economy Class

I’m generally enjoying flights with regional carriers very much as you’ve most likely seen in my Air Dolomiti review among others. My flight in the bmi regional Economy Class was no exception. The jets feel very private due to the limited size, the catering is decent and the seats are comfortable enough. All that combined with the fact that boarding and de-boarding is very quick makes flights with bmi regional so enjoyable.

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