Special: Cleland Wildlife Park Adelaide

The Cleland Wildlife Park Adelaide is an animal park just a couple of kilometers away from Adelaide City Center. It’s an interesting place to visit for locals and tourists alike. When in Australia, I took the chance to see kangaroos here and totally enjoyed the experience.

The Cleland Wildlife Park Adelaide is open all-year long from 9:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening. Last entry is at 4:30. From first experience I can tell that the park is even open when the weather is horrible, so you don’t have to bother with the weather forecast. The fees are straightforward as well. Adults pay 25 AUD (~ 17 Euro / 19 US-Dollar), while children up to 15 years only pay 12 AUD (~ 8 Euro / 9 US-Dollar). More information about the fees is available on the park’s website.

Getting to the Cleland Wildlife Park Adelaide

The Cleland Wildlife Park Adelaide is 20 to 30 minutes away from the Adelaide CBD. We took an Uber from the InterContinental Adelaide up to the park, which took approximately 30 minutes. When taking private transportation, you usually pay around 50 AUD (~ 33 Euro / 38 US-Dollar). You may also use a rental car and park next to the park for free.

Adelaide Skyline

The Cleland Park is approximamtely 20 to 30 minutes away from the city center

If you are coming there by Uber or taxi, be aware that you won’t really be able to get a taxi or Uber to get back to the city without prior arrangement. Another option is taking public transportation from or to the city. It takes approximately one hour and involves one stop, but is way cheaper. More information about this option is also available on the park’s website.

Experiencing kangaroos at Cleland Wildlife Park Adelaide

As I’ve already mentioned, I visited the Cleland Wildlife Park Adelaide mainly due to my wish to see the kangaroos. That’s quite easy here as there are several kangaroos of different kinds roaming around in enclosures.

Cleland Park Adelaide Kangaroo

You can see several types of kangaroos in the Cleland Wildlife Park

I really enjoyed how big the enclosures are and how close you can get to the animals. Basically, they are just roaming around you. Thus, it’s not a problem to pet or even cuddle a kangaroo. Be sure to bring some food (which you can buy at the Cleland Park), so the animals get close to you.

As I’ve already mentioned, there are different kinds of kangaroos in the park. There was even an albino, which especially fascinated me.

If you are in Adelaide and want to see the kangaroos, I’m quite sure you’ll enjoy visiting the Cleland Wildlife Park.

Experiencing other animals at Cleland Wildlife Park Adelaide

After ticking the box of seeing kangaroos, I stumbled through the rest of the wildlife park, which is spacious, but doesn’t feel extremely big. One of the highlights is the koala show, where you can touch a koala (they tend to be very shy).

Cleland Park Adelaide Koala

I also enjoyed seeing dingos (which you can’t touch as they are at least a little dangerous) and watching other animals in the Cleland Wildlife Park Adelaide. There’s also an indoor area in case the weather is horrible (as it was when I visited).

This area has several kinds of snakes and other species, which are living in Australia. While I’m not a big fan of reptiles, I found this quite interesting nevertheless.

Overall impression of the Cleland Wildlife Park Adelaide

As a regular reader you know that there are no advertorials here on traveluxblog. That’s why this overall impression not biased by anyone or anything. Yet, I’d recommend visiting the Cleland Wildlife Park Adelaide as it’s just a very nice place to see the kangaroos if you are not having enough time to go to the outback. The other animals, including koalas, are nice to see as well, but the kangaroos are the main attraction. Despite the bad weather, I truly enjoyed the visit!


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