Hotel Review: The Imperial Torquay

The Imperial Torquay is a hotel located on the Britsh South-Coast in the United Kingdom. Torquay is not far away from Cornwall and Exeter and is a well-known holiday resort in England. While The Imperial seems to have a new owner, there is still a long way to go as you’ll see in our hotel review.

The Imperial Torquay is quite a walk away from the train station of Torquay on a hill. Thus, the property also offers stunning views of the bay. The city center is a couple of minutes away, but I actually liked the location, which allows easy access to a nice hiking path.

The Imperial Torquay Standard Sea Facing Room View

The location of The Imperial Torquay is quite nice

Sadly, the hotel looks horrible from the outside and definitely is in a deep need of a refresh. The check-in in the historic lobby wasn’t especially warm either. Not the best start.

Sea Facing Room at The Imperial Torquay

If you are checking out the website of The Imperial  Torquay, you’ll find pictures making the rooms look ‘brand new’. Well, the standard room we got at first (facing the parking lot) was everything but that and felt like it was renovated a hundred years ago. After asking for another room, we were handed over keys for a ‘Standard Sea Facing Room’.

The Imperial Torquay Standard Sea Facing Room

Sea Facing Room at The Imperial Torquay

This room was advertised as ‘recently renovated’. Well, let’s say it was recently repainted. The room as such had charme nevertheless. The Sea Facing Rooms at The Imperial Torquay offer a phenomenal view of the bay and even come with a balcony.

Yet, the interior (while sort-of fitting) is at least a couple of dozen years old. From the working desk to the wardrobe to the bed, everything was years past its prime.

I’ve actually never seen a bed that saggy in a hotel room before. The (nice) balcony was equipped with very old and uninviting furniture as well. I can just hope that this ‘renovation’ is not all that will be done at The Imperial Torquay.

The pictures on the website look quite promising, but reality is quite different as of now.

Bathroom of the Sea Facing Room

As you’d expect, the bathrooms of the Sea Facing Rooms aren’t especially amazing either.

The Imperial Torquay Standard Sea Facing Room Bathroom

Bathroom of the Sea Facing Room

Not only are those very small (which is the norm for the UK), but they are also not luxurious by any stretch of imagination. There’s a small sink, a toilet and a small shower-tub combo.

The shower head isn’t in it’s best condition anymore, but at least the toiletries provided are nice.

Pool & Gym at The Imperial Torquay

I’m a little puzzled when it comes to The Imperial Torquay. One of the areas, which makes me wonder about what exactly the renovation of the property is about, is the pool & gym. If you have finally found this area (it’s very tough), there’s a nice and modern ‘lobby’.

The Imperial Torquay Spa

Lobby of the Spa

Right next to it, there’s a small room, which is used as the gym. While there are several machines, the whole room feels very stuffy and gets warm and stinky quite quickly.

The condition of the equipment isn’t especially great either. The pool & spa area of The Imperial Torquay is everything but modern as well. There’s a spacious pool with some loungers, then there’s a jacuzzi and a sauna.

The area must have been nice in the last century, but it’s just no place you’d really like to hang out nowadays anymore. It might have been just a bad moment, but I wasn’t surprise that the jacuzzi was inoperative.

The Imperial Torquay Jacuzzi

The jacuzzi must have been inoperative for quite some time

Btw: Sorry for the blurry pictures, on this very day my phone camera decided to get buggy.

Breakfast at The Imperial Torquay

Breakfast at The Imperial Torquay is offered in the main restaurant, where you can also have a rather formal dinner. The restaurant as such has lots of potential as it has a lot of charme and a brilliant view.

The Imperial Torquay Breakfast

Breakfast at The Imperial Torquay

Sadly, everything looks a little old and damaged already. In addition, breakfast is no area where The Imperial Torquay really shines. Not only was there hardly any service, but the buffet offerings were rather limited as well. There’s a decent English Breakfast with eggs, bacon, beans and porridge, but the continental options are very limited.

Even in a four-star hotel I’d at least expect some vegetables and a decent cheese and cold cuts selection. All of that is lacking at The Imperial Torquay. The quality of the options we tried was good, but nothing to write home about.

Dinner at The Imperial Torquay

In the evening, we had a casual dinner in the bar of The Imperial Torquay. We opted for the pasta and a burger from the (limited) menu.

The Imperial Torquay Dinner

Dinner at the bar

The burger was very good, while the pasta was a little too cheesy and a little stale in my opinion. Nevertheless, the food wasn’t any bad, just a little overpriced for what it was.

The menu in the restaurant sounds a little better, but we didn’t feel like a formal dinner that evening.

Overall impression of The Imperial Torquay

The Imperial Torquay has a lot of potential. The location is amazing and I think that Torquay could be a great place to relax for a couple of days to escape the hussle of busy London or Bristol. Yet, the current condition of the hotel makes me not recommend a stay here. I’d just come back if I’d get a (properly) renovated room with a view for sure. If you trust the pictures on the website, this could be quite nice. The food offerings at The Imperial are okay, while the pool & gym are in need of a renovation as well. I’m hoping that these things will be tackled in the future. Like that, The Imperial Torquay might as well be an amazing hotel in a great location.

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