Hotel Review: The Gainsborough Bath

The Gainsborough Bath is one of the newest luxury hotels in England. Located in the Spa Town of Bath, The Gainsborough is set in a historic location. While the place is expensive, I really enjoyed my stay. Here’s our extensive review explaining what you can expect!

While I’ve been to a couple luxury hotels in London including One Aldwych London, I haven’t been to many upscale properties outside the capital.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Classic Room
  • Month of Stay: November

The Gainsbourough Bath, which opened just last year, has been on my list since its opening. Thus, I took the chance and booked a two night weekend getaway through Leaders Club.

Classic Room at The Gainsborough Bath

Upon check-in, we were assigned a Classic Room at the Gainsborough Bath. Those rooms are located on the top-floor and thus only have small windows. That might sound like a disadvantage at first, but I personally found those room to be extremely cozy.

The Gainsborough Bath Classic Room

Classic Room at The Gainsborough Bath

Upon entering, there’s a wardrobe and the bathroom to the left. Further into the room, there’s a large and majestic looking bed with two tables facing a sideboard, which doubles as a working desk, and also holds the TV.

Other than that, there’s a comfortable armchair in the room. That’s about it. While the room at The Gainsborough Bath felt very small, I still kind of enjoyed it.

The furniture is very luxurious and the atmosphere of the room is just brilliant.

It’s also tough to tell why you sometimes like a room and sometimes you don’t, but I’m quite sure you will enjoy the rooms at The Gainsborough Bath despite them not being very spacious.

Bathroom of the Classic Room

As you’d expect, the bathroom of the Classic Room isn’t that big either. There’s a sink with some storage, a toilet and a bath-shower combo.

The Gainsborough Bath Classic Room Bathroom

Bathroom of the Classic Room

While I really hate the latter (especially in new hotels), at least the shower pressure was good. The toiletries by Asprey were great as well.

Nevertheless, I’d expect a little more in a property like The Gainsborough Bath.

Breakfast at The Gainsborough Bath

As there’s just a single restaurant at The Gainsborough, breakfast isn’t hard to find. I’m not really sure about the concept as it’s advertised as a buffet breakfast, but doesn’t really offer a buffet.

The Gainsborough Bath Breakfast

Breakfast at The Gainsborough

It’s not that I’m saying that there is no buffet, but it’s surprisingly small. There’s a selection of fruits, cold cuts, cheeses, bread rolls and pastries and a few other options.

The Gainsborough Bath Breakfast

Breakfast Buffet at The Gainsborough Bath

Even compared to a mid-scale property, that’s not much. However, you can order a range á la carte items at The Gainsborough Bath. Those are complementary as well if breakfast is included in your rate.

All the options from the buffet and especially the food from the kitchen was exceptional, so there’s nothing bad to say about breakfast. Still, the concept with the very small buffet is confusing.

Dinner at The Gainsborough Bath

One evening, we had a great green curry via room service, which was a little too expensive, but very tasty.

The Gainsborough Bath Dinner

Room Service at The Gainsborough Bath

The other day, we decided to give the famous Johann Lafer restaurant a try. We had a set-three-course menu, which started with a selection of breads, followed by an amuse-bouche and the starter (salmon).

The main (beef) and the dessert were as exceptional as the two first courses. Sadly, I can’t recall the menu anymore, but I can tell that the food was really good.

Service was attentive as well, but got a little worse in the end of the dinner. Yet, I’d highly recommend having dinner at The Gainsborough Bath. It’s a little pricey, but it’s worth it.

Spa at The Gainsborough Bath

One of the selling points of The Gainsborough Bath is its Spa. Located on the lower floor, there’s a gym, which is accessible 24 hours and offers a couple of machines.

Sadly, it lacks daylight and thus feels a little depressing. The Spa, which is only accessible for hotel guests in the early morning and the late evening, is the real highlight of The Gainsborough.

The Gainsborough Bath Spa

Spa at The Gainsborough Bath

It feels like a refurbished Roman Bath and comes with a spacious warm pool, which isn’t really used for swimming, but rather for relaxing (there are a couple of streams, water falls etc.)

Then you can find two smaller pools, which are pretty much like a whirlpool, a sauna, a steam bath and a relaxtion area, where you can rest. There’s also hot chocolate and water available to complement your experience.

While it’s worth noting that there’s no real swimming pool, the whole Spa is very enjoyable and really makes you leave relaxed.

Overall impression of the Gainsborough Bath

Staying at The Gainsborough Bath was very enjoyable. Usually, I would have found it negative that the room was so small, but in this case it didn’t matter as the room was just very cozy. The staff was great at any time and the food, breakfast and dinner, were amazing. The Spa is different than what other hotels offer and it’s a little sad that you are not allowed to enter during the day as a hotel guest, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Overall, I’d highly recommend to stay at The Gainsborough Bath if you want to relax a little bit in a very traditional way.


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