Prague: Hilton Old Town

The Hilton Prague Old Town is one of two Hilton hotels in the city. I’ve already reviewed the Hilton Prague. As I didn’t enjoy my last stay there too much, I checked out the other property this time. Sadly, there was no upgrade available and the stay had some flaws. Nevertheless, the property isn’t a bad place to stay when in Prague.

Hilton Prague Old Town Pool

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7 Comments on “Prague: Hilton Old Town”

    • Indeed, but the Hiltons in Prague are not that great to be honest. I’m at the Conrad Dubai right now. Totally different league.

      • Oh I’m sure! I remember the big Hilton Prague back 15 years ago and it was the spiffy shiny nice one. Now it’s dated, but I generally like the Florenc area which is why I usually stay there…

      • The rooms on the 8th and 9th floor were renovated lately and nowadays look stunning. Thus, I think the property could be a great place to stay… if you get one of the new rooms!

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