Running in London

In the past, I’ve already written about Running in London. Yet, I thought it would be worth sharing impressions from running in a different area of the city. This time, I started at the Conrad London St. James and enjoyed utterly beautiful weather!

Running in London is always enjoyable. The different parks and the River Thames are just amazing places to go for a run. This time, I was especially fortunate as the weather was just totally brilliant, which is really rare for London.

  • Distance: 3 Kilometers
  • Jogged alititude: 110 Meters
  • Calories burned: 175-225
  • Month: January
  • Weather: Sunny

At the same time, I didn’t have a lot of time. Thus, I just went for a quick three kilometer run, which was not any less amazing than any longer run in this area.

Running in London

Map of Running in London

So depending on how much time you have, you can choose a suitable running route.

Exploring beautiful Westminster

If there’s one area of London, which is just scenic in every possible regard, it is Westminster. Upon exiting the Conrad, I decided to run in the direction of the Tower of London.

First, I passed Westminster Abbey, which is just a beautiful building. Just a little further north, you’ll find yourself at the Parliament Square Garden. At this spot, you can enjoy a nice view of several of London’s most important monuments including Big Ben, the House of Commons, St. Margaret’s Church and the Palace of Westminster in the distance.

Truly enjoyable!

Running along River Thames

If you follow the street right next to Big Ben, you’ll find yourself at the River Thames in a matter of seconds. Personally, I love running along the River Thames in London as the atmosphere is just amazing.

On this particular run, I didn’t spend too much time there, but at least had a great view of the river and the London Eye. If you got more time, I’d recommend running a little further to explore the area, it’s really enjoyable!

Breathing fresh air in St. James Park

If you’re leaving the River Thames in the direction of Downing Street No. 10, you’ll find yourself in an interesting area. The Northern part of Westminster is dominated by governmental buildings, which is a stark contrast to running along the river.

The buildings are large and feel very historic. However, I’d mostly recommend seeing The Household Cavalry Museum, which is located on the back of the government buildings (on the way you’ll pass the Imperial War Museum among other buildings).

I was lucky enough to see the horse show in the morning, which is fun to watch. As soon as you’re done with that, you can end your run in the beautiful St. James Park, where you can breathe some fresh air.

Best of all: You can extend your run for a couple of kilometers here. I’m sure you’ll love this area of London for running!


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