Airline Review: Air New Zealand (domestic)

This review features the Air New Zealand domestic Economy Class on two different flights. One in an ATR 42 aircraft and one in an Airbus A320. The type of aircraft you’ll be flying with depends of the relevance of the route. Yet, the experience doesn’t differ too much.

Air New Zealand operates a fleet of a couple of different aircrafts. Among those are Airbus A320 and ATR 72 aircrafts. Yet, there are even smaller aircrafts like the ATR 42 operating flights on behalf of Air New Zealand. Those flights are operated by subsidiaries of Air New Zealand.

  • Airplanes: Airbus A320 / ATR 42
  • Cabin Class: Economy Class
  • Daytime: Morning
  • Food: Snack
  • Seat Pitch: 32 / 31 Inch (81 / 78 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 17 Inch (43 Centimeter)

In this review I’ll feature both, a mainline flight on an Airbus A320 from Wellington to Christchurch as well as a flight from Christchurch to Dunedin in an ATR 42. As you’ll see, the differences are rather minor.

Seating on Air New Zealand domestic flights

The Air New Zealand domestic fleet comes with seats in either a 2-2 or a 3-3 configuration, depending on the type of airplane.

Air New Zealand domestic Economy Class Cabin

Cabin of an Air New Zealand Airbus A320

As there is no Business Class on domestic flights, the whole airplane comes with the same configuration.

Air New Zealand domestic Prop Economy Class Cabin

Cabin of an Air New Zealand ATR 42

The seats are usually leather seats, while those on the international planes are fabric seats as you can see in our review of the Air New Zealand international Economy Class.

I’d say that the seats in the Airbus A320 aircrafts are superior to those in the smaller props. This is mainly due to those being newer and thus more comfortable and also in a better condition.

The seat pitch is relatively similiar with 32 Inch for the bigger and 31 Inch for the smaller planes. The seat width is the same as well.

Overall, I’d say that the seating on Air New Zealand domestic flights is comfortable enough.

Catering on Air New Zealand domestic flights

The catering available on Air New Zealand domestic flights is rather basic. On the short flights from Christchurch to Dunedin, I was also handed over a small packaged cookie, while on the flight from Wellington to Christchurch, there was a drink service with water as well as chips.

In addition, I was handed out a sweet prior to landing. There was no option for buying something as it is the norm for Air New Zealand international flights.

Entertainment on Air New Zealand domestic flights

The entertainment options available on Air New Zealand domestic flights are not exactly phenomenal. There is neither Wi-Fi nor any entertainment system, regardless of the type of plane.

However, there is a decent board magazine with some interesting stories.

Overall impression of Air New Zealand

Both my Air New Zealand domestic flights were comfortable and enjoyable. The crew was friendly and helpful, the seats were comfortable and the catering okay for such short flights. While Air New Zealand is not memorabl by any means, I wouldn’t hesitate booking flights with them again.

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  1. I’ve flown with air new zealand a bunch of times over the last few years and always had a brilliant experience. Great service, well priced flights and the safety videos are always funny and entertaining 🙂

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