Special: Beagle Channel Navigation

The Beagle Channel is a strait in the Tierra del Fuego. Its eastern area is part of the border between Argentina and Chile.

Ushuaia Navigation Catamaran

Our Catamaran: Massimo

During our stay in Ushuaia we were keen to see penguins, so we decided to book one of the last navigations running this season, as the penguins move away for winter.

Our journey through the Beagle Channel

We started off the tour in the docks of Ushuaia. Before boarding the catamaran, we received a little certificate as a memory of our journey. Inside the catamaran you could sit quite comfortably and as we arrived a little early, we were able to reserve some seats by the window (although those get quite dirty throughout the journey).

Overall the journey took about 5 hours as its quite a haul to get to the islands the penguins live on. But there’s plenty to see on the way and a little café inside the catamaran provides hot drinks and snacks for the journey.

Our guide explained both in English and Spanish a lot about the sealife we encountered on our way, but I don’t want to bore you with all information so just enjoy the pictures we took. It was quite windy and cold outside so Moritz was brave enough to go outside on the deck of the catamaran to take these beautiful photos:

We first passed lots of sea lions and birds, then the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, later on  we navigated past a little sea village in the far distance and finally we reached the penguins.

Luckily we still got to spot some, but usually during summer season you can see many more. There are even excursions where you get to walk on the penguin islands!

My overall impression of the Beagle Channel

This was by far my favourite part of our South America trip. Surely Machu Picchu was quite amazing as well, but the penguins definitely won over my heart!

To be honest, it was absolutely freezing, but so worth it and you get to see the penguins from very close, which is really cool. The only downside was the rather choppy return journey on which we just jumped across the water the entire time.

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