Airline Review: Qatar Airways regional Economy Class

The Qatar Airways regional Economy Class is the product you’ll encounter on short and medium haul flights from and to Doha. I’ve already reviewed the Qatar Airways long haul Economy Class a few weeks ago. In this review, I’ll focus on the differences when it comes to the Economy Class in Airbus A320 airplanes, which Qatar Airways uses for shorter flights.

Qatar Airways has flights to dozens of destinations not too far away from Doha. One of those destinations is Ankara, from where I had booked a flight to Kuala Lumpur via Doha. As the market isn’t very big or important, Qatar Airways uses the regional Economy Class for this route.

  • Airplane: Airbus A320
  • Cabin Class: Economy
  • Daytime: Evening
  • Food: Dinner
  • Seat Pitch: 31 Inch (79 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 18 Inch (46 Centimeter)

The planes used on routes like this one feature a proper Business Class and an Economy Class in the typical 3-3 configuration. However, Qatar Airways offers in-seat entertainment at all seats in Economy Class. That’s something most other airlines don’t do in regional Economy Class.

Seating in the Qatar Airways regional Economy Class

I’ve already explained that the configuration of the Qatar Airways regional Economy Class is 3-3 as it is the norm for Airbus A320 family aircrafts.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Airbus A320 Cabin

Cabin of the Qatar Airways Airbus A320

However, the seats are way more comfortable than in most other aircrafts I’ve flown with so far. Qatar Airways uses seats with a cloth cover and a very good padding. In addition, all Economy Class seats come with a thick and adjustable leather headrest.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Airbus A320 Seating

Seating in the Qatar Airways Economy Class

Especially for flights on longer distances, that’s quite some added comfort. Something else worth mentioning is the decent seat pitch of 31 Inch, which is more than some airlines offer on long haul flights.

Upon boarding, a pillow and a blanket were already waiting for me. Neither of those was great, but for an evening (not nighttime) flight of 3 1/2 hours, I found it to be a nice touch nevertheless.

Catering in the Qatar Airways regional Economy Class

There are many good reasons for Qatar Airways to be named one of the best airlines in the world. The good catering in Economy Class is one of those. On this particular flight, a hot meal with a salad and a dessert was offered.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Airbus A320 Seating Catering

Meal in the Qatar Airways Economy Class

I went for the vegetarian option, which was mashed potatoes with veggies and some sort-of chili sauce. While it doesn’t look very good on the picture, it actually tasted quite nice. I can’t really tell what the salad was, but it wasn’t bad either. The chocolate cake for dessert was the highlight though.

With the meal, I was offered a bread roll and a choice of drinks from the cart, including alcohol. However, I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t proactively offered a second drink on the whole flight.

Entertainment in the Qatar Airways regional Economy Class

One of the main features of the Qatar Airways regional Economy Class is the great entertainment system, which every seat has individual access to. The screens have a decent size and also come with a fairly good quality.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Airbus A320 Entertainment

Entertainment Screen in the Qatar Airways Economy Class

All seats have access to Oryx One, the entertainment system of Qatar Airways also offered on long haul flights. Thus, the choice of movies, tv series and music is amazing. In addition, there are documentaries, games, live tv, etc.

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I found the options available to be great and also appreciated that you could easily use your own headphones without an adapter. If you didn’t bring some, you are provided with relatively cheap headphones by Qatar Airways in Economy Class.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Airbus A320 Headphones

Yet, those are definitely better than nothing and are completly free. If you don’t want to watch something, you may also read the quite interesting board magazine.

Qatar Airways Economy Class Airbus A320 Magazines

Sadly, Qatar Airways doesn’t provide Wi-Fi on regional flights as of now.

Bottom line Qatar Airways regional Economy Class

My experience in the Qatar Airways long haul Economy Class was very good and the regional flight wasn’t any worse. The seats are very comfortable and come with decent legroom, the food is edible and plentiful for a relatively short flight and the entertainment system is a real highlight compared to what other airlines offer on regional flights. The service was nothing to talk about, but I’d highly recommend the Qatar Airways regional Economy Class anyways.

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  4. very impressed at this review.I plan to be flying them this year to Europe and the A320 IS A GREAT PRODUCT.It might be a huge shock coming from Adelaide on the A350 only to find out you are put onto one of these to Budapest which is where I am headed to join a cruise for the first time ever but can live with that.

    • Thank you. It’s indeed a downgrade coming from the 350, but it’s not too bad. Qatar really has a decent regional product in all of its fleet 🙂

  5. my flight is actually on an a330-200 now given how close it is to christmas but would feel for anyone being put onto an a320 at any other time of year for the flights into the smaller hubs of europe.anyway give me one of these over 3x4x3 on emirates 777-300 services any day of the week.

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