Lounge Review: Qantas Lounge Tokyo Narita

The Qantas Lounge Tokyo Narita is one of many oneworld lounges at the second most airport in Tokyo. In this review, I’ll explain why the Qantas Lounge is a good choice for relaxing before your flight.

Here on traveluxblog, we have already reviewed several lounges at Tokyo Narita Airport. This includes the following oneworld lounges:

If you are holding a First Class Ticket or an oneworld Emerald Status, you may visit any of the above mentioned lounges in combination with any oneworld flight departing Tokyo Narita. In case you got a Business Class Ticket or an oneworld Sapphire Status, you may visit all lounges besides the First Class Lounges. All but the Cathay Lounge are actually quite nice, so I’d recommend checking out the different reviews to see which lounge suits you best.

Seating in the Qantas Lounge Tokyo Narita

The Qantas Lounge Tokyo Narita is a relatively small space. Considering there are not too many Qantas flights at the same time, that sounds fair to me. During my visit, there was no (!) other person at all. Yet, that was when visiting hours before the next Qantas flight.

Qantas Lounge Tokyo Narita Seating

The seating in the Qantas Lounge Tokyo Narita is very modern

Yet, it’s interesting to note that the lounge is open all day long, so it’s a very calm place at most times. The Qantas Lounge Tokyo is quite modern and comes with a nice interior. There are three or four different areas in one large room.

Most seating consists of armchairs in different colors with some coffee tables, but there are also some dining tables with proper chairs closer to the buffet. Alongside the window front, which offers a beautiful view of the termac, you can also find some seating with computers.

Quite a nice spot to work. Generally, I really liked the design as well as the brightness of the lounge. The Qantas Lounge is definitely a very nice place to hang out and relax prior to your flight.

Buffet of the Qantas Lounge Tokyo Narita

I won’t comment on the buffet of the Qantas Lounge Tokyo Narita in this review too much. That’s because the real food spread is only brought on before Qantas flights.

Qantas Lounge Tokyo Narita Buffet

Limited buffet at the Qantas Lounge Tokyo Narita

When I was visiting, there was no food at all at first. Later, a couple of small snacks including cold cuts, cheeses and sandwiches was brough out. Yet, I was told that later on there would also be salads, soups, hot dishes etc.

The drink selection of the Qantas Lounge Toyko consists of a soda fountain, a very good selection of spirits, a decent selection of wines as well as an okay coffee machine.

Entertainment in the Qantas Lounge Tokyo Narita

The Qantas Lounge Tokyo Narita comes with quite some entertainment options. There are two or three televisions showing international news channels and there’s also a great choice of international newspapers and magazines with a focus on Australia, obviously.

If you are more into working, you might use one of the computers provided, which offer a brilliant view of the tarmac. Additionally, there’s a printer, which you can use with every computer. Last but not least, there is very quick and complimentary Wi-Fi in the lounge. All in all, a well rounder offering.

Overall impressions of the Qantas Lounge Tokyo Narita

The Qantas Lounge Tokyo Narita is a very nice lounge. The design is modern, the lounge feels spacious and airy and the seating is comfortable. I won’t judge the buffet due to visiting out of the peak hours. The entertainment selection was nice and I really enjoyed the view of the tarmac. There are also nice washrooms and shower rooms. All in all, I’d highly recommend the Qantas Lounge in case you are having some time prior to your departure from Tokyo Narita Airport.


Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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