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Another week has passed and I am slowly starting to adapt to my long university days. Last weekend we spent a relaxed weekend away from Paris in Versailles. Weatherwise we were a bit unlucky as it was rainy and windy, but at times we also got to see the sun.

Versailles Garden

Versailles Garden

Versailles is just a little over an hour away for us, so it’s quite a convenient destination for a getaway from the city. Versailles itself is quite a contrast to Paris. While we didn’t explore the little town itself (although we spotted some cute buildings on the way to the hotel), we really enjoyed our visit. As EU-visitors under 26 we received free entry at the Versailles Castle, which is definitely a great benefit that I am sure we will continue to make use of in Paris.


For our taste the castle was a bit crowded, but let’s be honest, who would be surprised that the Castle of Versailles is busy on a Saturday afternoon? Nonetheless, we admired the castle, especially the long arched hallways with these incredible high ceilings! I usually find castles too fancy, shiny and out of the world, but have also noticed that there is always some unique feature to any castle you visit…in the case of Versailles that’s definitely the great hall ways and beautiful gardens (it’s actually more like a massive park!).


To enter the Gardens we had to pay entrance fees, but it was definitely worth it. The Gardens are huge and there is so much too see, fountains, statues, flowers and there are frequent little fountain shows with music in the background. What would have made it even more perfect would have been live music…that we could later hear from the hotel room, as one of the musical light shows was going on there. They only seem to run during summer season though as we were told it was the second last one this year.

Versailles Garden Fountain

Versailles Garden

On the next day we went to the grand parc that is open for public access. There we visited the Grand Trianon and the little, beautiful garden behind it. This part of Versailles is probably much less known, but offers some more charme as it is decorated in a more simple manner.


Have you done any day trips away from Paris? What are your suggestions for a little weekend get-away from the bustle of the city?

A bientôt,

Anna et Moritz


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  1. Haha.. it looks like everyone has the same question! How did you manage to remove the people? Erasing the moving objects? Or the selection of angles?!
    Anyway great pictures and post about the grand Castle.

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