Running in Brisbane

Running in Brisbane was a very enjoyable experience. Not only is the Australian city generally a nice place, but it’s especially amazing for running. There are great parcs, walkways and much more. Here’s what I think is a great running path through Brisbane!

When the weather is great and you are in a city for the first morning, there’s hardly anything that beats going to a run. Well, that’s what I thought when waking up in Brisbane.

  • Distance: 5 Kilometers
  • Jogged alititude: 160 Meters
  • Calories burned: 150-200
  • Month: September
  • Weather: Sunny

This running guide will feature my quick five kilometer run, which could have hardly been any more enjoyable.

Map of Running in Brisbane (tracked by Runtastic, slightly flawed)

You’ll see why Brisbane makes such a great first impression for runners as the city is just perfect for sports with spacious pathways and much more.

Running in the beautiful Brisbane City Gardens

After leaving the Hilton Brisbane, I made my way in the direction of the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens. On the way, I spotted some beautiful historic buildings including the Post Office and other brick buildings, which even had some European charme.

Yet, the real highlight of running in Brisbane definitely are the City Gardens in the South of the city center. Not only can you run through the whole parc, but you can actually run along the waterfront all the time. After just a few minutes, you won’t feel like you are in a metropolis anymore.

Instead, you’re running in a beautiful parc along the river in a set-up that reminded me a lot of a jungle. Just beautiful!

Enjoying the unique Brisbane Soutbank

The Brisbane Southbank is another amazingly beautiful part of Brisbane, which is great for running. You can cross the Goodwill Bridge, which is a pedestrian bridge connecting the Southbank with the Botanical City Gardens – speak of a great running route!

At this point, you may also enjoy brilliant views of the city skyline. The Soutbank itself is a huge parc along the riverfront with varying landscape. From bike paths to a little garden to a Japanese garden to an amusement park, this whole area has a lot to offer and thus is quite enjoyable for running as well.

Further to the North, you might cross the river again at Kurilpa Bridge, which is another pedestrian bridge. These many bridges without cars are one of the reasons why Brisbane is such a nice city for running!

Summing up an enjoyable run through Brisbane

Running back to the Hilton in the city center wasn’t that amazing anymore as there is no really nice walkway along the river or a parc in this part of Brisbane.

However, you may run through the city center, where you can find some nice historic buildings, including the Town Hall. All in all, I’d say that running in Brisbane is highly enjoyable and recommendable. Especially the many parcs and gardens, including the Botanical City Garden and the Southbank, are just great1


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