Looking Back

Time passes by and so does our time in Paris. Nevertheless, we’ve explored a couple of amazing new places for you and will have content about this very soon. Additionally, we released new reviews and guides. All of our posts are summed up in this overview, as usual.

Mercure Exeter Southgate Privilege Room

Maybe the best place to stay in Exeter. Our review of the Mercure Exeter Southgate!

Virgin Australia Domestic Business Class Cabin

What an amazing domestic Business Class. Our review of Virgin Australia!

The amazing Versailles Castle! Here’s our new episode of ‘Life in Paris’!

Running in Brisbane

Brisbane in all its beauty. Here’s our new running guide!

Our new city guide features Torquay, a seatown in the United Kingdom!

Isn’t that truly beautiful? Our photo of the week ‘Otherworldly’!


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