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Hello and welcome back to our series ‘Life in Paris’. Today I want to tell you about our experience with the European Heritage Days on the 16th and 17th September this year. The European Heritage Days were first organized over thirty years ago by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. Many venues that are usually not open to the public take part in this event. But be aware, the popular places in Paris such as the Elysée Palace and others are incredibly busy and people start queing from six am onwards (not me, I value my sleep too much!).

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On Saturday I visited the OECD headquarters in the 16th arrondissement. The tourguide showed us the conference rooms, gave us a quick introduction about the history and evolvement of the OECD and then led us to the Château de la Muette. The château is located near the Bois de Boulogne and has recently become famous for its positive environmental performance. Its gardens even host bees which promote the ecological balance.


Château de la Muette

The châteaux is the third in this location, previously Princess Marguerite de Valois and Marie-Antoinette lived here. The current castle was build after the 1920s by Henri James de Rothschild. Inside the castle you can still find some items from its former resident. Apart from this, the castle is also a historically important place because from here the first hot air balloon with passengers took off in 1783.

As you can see the location of the OECD headquarters is quite unique. I was surprised to hear about the little anecdotes and impressed to see how such a beautiful, elegant castle has been transformed to be used by this international organization.


Have you ever visited Paris during the European Heritage Days? If yes, what were your favorites sites to see?

Looking forward to hearing about your experiences! Next time, I will be sharing our story of visiting the National Assembly of Paris (a definite must-see!)


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  1. We were in Paris over the same week-end and took the opportunity to literally pop into many of the buildings in the Marais which were taking part. It was wonderful to see beyond those oft-closed doors to wander round beautiful gardens, courtyards, rooms filled with splendour and church vestries.

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