Lounge Review: Sumaq VIP Lounge Lima

The Sumaq VIP Lounge Lima is one of three airport lounges in Lima. It is the contract lounge for several airlines as well as a Priority Pass lounge. In this review, I’ll explain what you have to know about the Sumaq VIP Lounge and why visiting is not really worth the money.

When flying on LATAM from Lima to Buenos Aires in Business Class, I was invited to use the Sumaq VIP Lounge Lima. However, the contract between the airline and the lounge was cancelled just a few days later. When I tried entering the lounge on a flight from Lima to Los Angeles a few days later, I wasn’t allowed to enter and instead received a restaurant voucher by LATAM, which was worth nearly nothing, but that’s another story. The Sumaq VIP Lounge Lima is available for those holding a Priority Pass and also for paying guests.

Seating in the Sumaq VIP Lounge Lima

Upon entering the Sumaq VIP Lounge Lima, I was shocked on how crowded it was. There was basically no free chair in the whole lounge. There’s one large area, where you can also find the buffet and the bar.

Sumaq VIP Lounge Lima Seating

Seating in the Sumaq VIP Lounge Lima

That’s where most of the seating, consisting of mainly leather armchairs, is to be found. In theory. In addition, there is an outdoor terrace, which sort-of feels like a prison (there are high walls on all sides), but at least offers the option of fresh air.

Last but not least, there’s also a business center with a few work stations without computers and some with. With a long connection, I spent around two hours in the lounge and it was constantly crowded.

Besides that, the lounge is actually an okay place to hang out.

Buffet of the Sumaq VIP Lounge Lima

When it comes to the food options, the Sumaq VIP Lounge Lima was nothing but a shame. Honestly, I’ve hardly seen anything that bad before.

Sumaq VIP Lounge Lima Buffet

Food Spread at the Sumaq VIP Lounge

There were four kinds of bread, one kind of cheese and ham each and some pre-packaged preserves. Not only that, but even these items were constantly gone and not refilled. In addition, there’s a coffee machine and a choice of juices.

You may also get alcohol at the bar. Soft drinks are available in a fridge. Well, quite an embarrasing selection overall.

Entertainment in the Sumaq VIP Lounge Lima

I already mentioned that the Sumaq VIP Lounge Lima comes with a business center including several work stations, some with and some without a computer.

There’s also a printer, which you can use free of charge. While in theory quite a nice feature, the internet was barely usable. That’s true for the computers as well as the free Wi-Fi. This issue might be due to the crowding, but I’d at least expect to be able to load a single website… not in the Sumaq VIP Lounge.

Sumaq VIP Lounge Lima Newspapers

Newspapers and Magazines

Other than that, there are a couple of TVs running news channels on mute as well as a few newspapers in Spanish.

Overal impression of the Sumaq VIP Lounge Lima

Honestly, I’m not too bitter to not have been admitted to the Sumaq VIP Lounge Lima on my second visit to Lima. The lounge is totally embarrasing. It is totally overcrowded, comes with a horrible buffet with hardly any food option and doesn’t offer usable Wi-Fi. Even when the entry is free, I’m not sure whether I’d return to the Sumaq VIP Lounge Lima. The airport isn’t nice either, but at least it is a little less crowded than the lounge.

Curious what the world of lounges has to offer in comparison?


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